Moscow Travel Guide by Locals

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Planning a trip to Moscow? Congratulations!
Have already booked or even bought plane tickets but don’t have time to read those heavy guidebooks? Don´t worry, we will take care of everything.… Read more

Top 10 Mysteries of Ostankino Tower

Ostankino TV tower is one of the main highlights of Moscow, standing in the row with Kremlin and “7 sisters“. It represents magnificence and greatness of Russian capital. And for sure it keeps number of secrets and mysterious stories. Read more

Best Bars in St Petersburg


For the last few years dozens of bars had been opened in the city center. Now there are so many bars and pubs that you can totally call St Petersburg – Russian bars’ capital.Read more

Little Italy in Moscow

Moscow is a fantastic blend of history, nations, languages and cultures. And Italy definitely made its contribution. Starting from architects that flooded the Russian capital centuries ago, Moscow’s love affair with Italy is stronger than you can imagine, from pizzerias to Italian wine shops, from cathedrals to shopping centers.… Read more

All You Need to Know About Saint-Petersburg

Must-see places in Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg has always been famous for its history, its beauties and sights.
The city has many alternative romantic names, such as “Northern Venice”, “City on Neva” and “Northern Capital”.
Lots of tourists, traveling across Russia, want to first get to Saint-Petersburg, one of the most legendary, mystical and beautiful city in the country.… Read more

Top Moscow’s Gardens

Architectural landmarks, works by the best landscape designers, sports and children’s playgrounds, beautiful fountains, mysterious grottos and greenhouses – Moscow gardens hold plenty of tourist attractions to fit every taste – the most difficult part is to choose!Read more