Breathtaking Views You Don’t Want to Miss in Los Angeles

must-visit in Los-Angeles

Los-Angeles view. Photo by Davis Sterling

Los-Angeles! How much beauty there is to be explored in this city! Today we are talking about fascinating places where you can enjoy the view and definitely to take photos your friends will get jealous of.

Vista Hermosa

One of the most astounding public space in the city of Los Angeles is Vista Hermosa, a paradoxical patch of meadows and native plantings in Temple-Beaudry. It is relatively small in size, but it fills an incredibly needed niche. It’s hard to imagine that the site, full of lush green meadows and native plants like sage, chaparral, manzanita, toyon and deer grass, was once part of the abandoned Los Angeles City Oil Field.

It is one of the most splendid photo opportunities in the entire city.

Los Feliz

The geography of the place makes the feeling of the neighborhood bustling, happy, and accessible, but quiet and private at the same time.

Los Feliz has been home to the Hollywood elite, musicians, and movie stars. Walt Disney drew his first image of the now-legendary Mickey Mouse in the garage of his uncle’s house in Los Feliz.

It is a very walkable neighborhood. If you want to take an early evening walk, check out the sunset and the Hollywood sign you can spend a pleasant evening doing so.

Echo Park

Echo Park is a densely populated area in central Los Angeles. Echo Park is a little green belt jewel partial hidden north of downtown but walkable if you are in good shape. It’s a calm, peaceful place to take a break. You can inhale the scent of nature just north of downtown Los Angeles.

The Echo park’s main feature is the lake of the same name. There is a charming bridge leading to a teensy island, ducks, palm trees, a jogging path, and a weird statue of a lady, known familiarly as the “Lady of the Lake”. Take a close look at the water – there are wildlife there including a turtle. The lake is home to tons of birds and there are paddle boats for rent.

Bird Streets

The Bird Streets is one of the most affluent and exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles just like iconic Arbat in Moscow (if you were to compare Los Angeles and Moscow).

Like the name suggests, all the streets are named after winged creatures.

Bird Streets boasts some of the most breathtaking city views to be found anywhere in the Hollywood Hills. One more feature that makes this area so attractive to the elite crowd is the stunning architecture that can be found in the area.

It’s an area where the average price of real estate ranges from around $4 million to infinity. This fancy area with extreme privacy has become exceedingly popular with lot of celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Jodie Foster, Keanu Reeves, Herbie Hancock, Stan Lee, Larry Flynt, and Christina Aguilar are just a few of the famed who have nested on the Bird Streets.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is one of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. The “Silver” in Silver Lake is not because of the water’s color, but named for a local politician Herman Silver who helped create the reservoir.

It has become the center of the alternative and indie rock scene in Los Angeles.

Silver Lake, known as one of “the city’s hippest neighborhoods” featuring many bars, night clubs and restaurants, vintage stores like Bar Keeper and the hip coffee house. Dining options include the wildly popular Sqirl, L&E Oyster Bar, and multicultural eateries like Night+Market Song and Pine & Crane. Enjoy nightlife spots like Akbar, Jay’s Bar and The Satellite and other places worth visiting.

Rose Garden

One of the most picturesque picnic locations around LA is the stunning Rose Garden – perfect for an afternoon of picnicking.

This is a 7.5-acre rose garden, with 15,793 rose bushes. Roses of nearly every kind climb arches and splash the garden’s lawn with a riot of color.

Prepare to walk, and walk, and walk. Take a stroll to admire varieties of rose’s bushes, walk around the circular fountain and check out the statues. However, sometimes you have to stop and just smell the roses.

If you’re looking for some post-picnic culture, pack up your basket and head over to the nearby Natural History Museum, California Science Center or the California African American Museum.

Elysian Park

Elysian Park is the oldest public space in the city of Los Angeles, dating all the way back to the late 18th century.

As long as the park has existed, there have been legends that Spanish settlers buried their gold in the hills and ravines of the area.

On a clear day after a rain, you can see all the way to the Pacific Ocean, but it will not happen very many times throughout the year.

The outdoor enthusiast, nature lover, soccer player, urban cyclist can all find spots to enjoy the California sun in this amazingly placid, lushly verdant and highly usable getaway in the middle of the city.

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