Travel Russia: Short Overview

Travel Russia to Golden Ring, Sergiev Posad

We often make reviews of interesting habits and traditions of other countries. Another culture always markedly differs from ours, and many things of everyday life can surprise us greatly.
However, our lives can shock foreigners as well.… Read more

Russian big names living in US

famous Russians in US

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The history of migration from Russia to the USA begins in 1700s from Russian fur traders. The reasons to leave Russia were different: to enjoy new taste of freedom and start a new life in the land of opportunity, to escape the famine, disease and dire poverty, in 1900s – to escape the revolution, social chaos and politician persecution.Read more

World War II and Great Patriotic War Difference

Russia during WWII

What’s the difference between WWII and the Great Patriotic War? World War II is, by all means, one of the most controversial events in the world history and some countries seem to be unable to come to an agreement about achievements of this or that country.… Read more

Russian Wedding Traditions

Wedding in Tsaritsyno, Moscow

Russia is famous for the variety of traditions and rites, especially connected with weddings. Several centuries ago the wedding was a ritual complex. If any of rituals wasn’t abided the marriage was considered as an unsuccessful union.… Read more

30 Fun Facts about Sochi

Facts about Sochi

Sochi is one of the youngest cities in Russia, founded only in 1838, but is one of the most surprising places in Russia too!

The city is full of paradoxes: it’s the first summer beach resort that hosted Winter Olympics.… Read more

50 facts about St Petersburg

saint petersburg russia

Consistently voted among the Top Travel Destinations by TripAdvisor, city of St Petersburg is the  cultural, bohemian, tram, bridge, rooftop, gastronomic and coffee capital of Russia.

The charming vibe is a reason in itself to come here. … Read more