6 things to do in Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona

Over 17 million happy tourists visit Barcelona every year, and our Moscow guide Dasha was one of them recently.  Barcelona is one of the most fascinating urban experiences in the world, and here are 6 things to do in Barcelona that prove it.Read more

17 Fun Facts about Milan

milan fun facts

Milan is like a non-stop caleidoscope. The city whose streets are jammed with fashionistas and lined with upscale restaurants, is a historical jewel. The precious past is illuminated here in every building, street, square and park.… Read more

20 fun facts about Edinburgh

Edinburgh tourist

Our Moscow tour guide Dasha traveled to the UK on New Year holidays, and here are her impressions about Edinburgh.

I fell in love with Edinburgh – the place where castles and gardens compete with whisky and beer – and actually it impressed me even more than London.… Read more

25 Fun facts about London

london tour

Visiting London has never been better than now.

Christmas decorations sprawl in all directions. The city is bursting with happy Londoners and vibrant streets. And Christmas celebrations are like none other in the world.… Read more

10 Things to do in Zurich

Walking tour in Zurich

Our Moscow guide Angelina has just returned from her adventurous Swiss trip to Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.

Here are her observations, tips, ideas and things to do in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful, expensive, innovative, the cleanest and richest countries in the world, as well as Traveler’s Choice Destionation 2015, according to TripAdvisor.… Read more