Best Bars in St Petersburg


where to go in Saint-Petersburg

Best bars of Saint-Petersburg

For the last few years dozens of bars had been opened in the city center. Now there are so many bars and pubs that you can totally call St Petersburg – Russian bars’ capital. We’ve chosen the best ones for you.

Dead poets bar: For all decadents and literature lovers

It seems like the place has come from 1950-s USA with all its beatniks and early hipsters. That`s the place where you could meet Hemingway, Faulkner and Remark.

There isn`t any big parties or Djs. Hard liquors, good food, music and evening events for those, who want to meet Russian modern poetry and music.

Mishka bar: Feel the capital

The most fashionable place among dancing lovers. As a Djs you can meet a very famous Moscow musicians, designers, journalist etc. So the music is always different: from modern dance music to 1970-s funk music. Try unique shots, enjoy music, dances and the most hipster company in the city!

The bar`s named after a famous designer Misha Ilyin (who is an art-director here). Check the emblem of the place to get all the vibes!

Redrum: Take a closer look at the name…

For craft beer lovers an outstanding bar by a very famous local brewery AF brew. Bar list’s changed every couple of month, so you’ll never get bored of it. As for food – don’t forget to try traditional Danish smörrebröde and enjoy some Danish radio in the bathroom.

Helsinki bar: Alko. Fish. Finland. St Petersburg!

Helsinki could never be so Russian! It is known that Finnish culture is a big deal in St Petersburg. In Helsinki bar you can feel how they are working together. One of the oldest and the most popular place among locals is always full of good people, good live music (Finnish bands are in love with that place), good drinks, good food and great atmosphere.

Prostovino: Just vine

If you aren`t a beer or whisky lover but can`t imagine your life without a glass of nice vine in the evening that`s place is for you. Spend a relaxed evening with your friends drinking one of the 60 kinds of vine and be sure to try some soup. There is no waiters here but only a couple of well-known sommeliers, who are always ready to help and recommend something.

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