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The United States or Uncle Sam, as America is unofficially called, is a country that every person must discover in his own way. To discover his own America. For everyone it is different, unusual and unique. The first, second, tenth time – all the time new discoveries, experiences and observations.

These are huge megalopolises with a frenzied rhythm and the “one-storied America“, the sunny coast and the harsh northern climate, fashion trands in big cities and the simple way of farm life, Coca-Cola and French fries, Mickey Mouse and the Statue of Liberty, the bustle of airports and the silent tranquility of nature, the clerks running to work with coffee-to-go in hands and noisy Mexicans.
This is an amazingly diverse country. And this country is really proud of itself.


Santa Barbara Country Court House


Amazingly friendly. Any contact with them is a feeling of positive, cheerfulness and optimism. They always smile, greet, thank, apologize, even for the most insignificant trifles in all respect and tactfulness. After a couple of breakfasts in your favorite cafe, the waiter will know your name, and in the queue at Starbucks you will have a nice talk about life.

Despite the stereotypes, most of them are turned on a healthy lifestyle and take care of themselves. They like to travel around the country, go to national parks, put tents, burn bonfires and actively rest on the fresh air. At the same time, they do not refuse themselves in a hamburger.

Great patriots, respect their coat of arms, their flag, their anthem, their president. If there is a political conflict in the country, an American is likely to buy a flag and post it on his house, which will mean he supports the government.

We all know that there are 1001 differences between Russians and Americans.
You don’t have to take tours of Moscow and St Petersburg to notice how different our realities are.
Here we share with you our observation and stereotypes, and what we believe American life is comparing to Russia.

what to do in New York City

New York bridge

What for travel to America?

Here are our favorite Top-5 spots, which need to be visited! Maybe not in a one trip, but we live only once, so plan ahead!

1. New York

Walk through the streets of the city of a large apple, each hundred meters marking places and scenes familiar to serials and films: dine at the cafe of “Sex and the city”, walk past the house with stairs like in “Friends”, see policemen eating fast food in the patrol car as in any American action movie and so on.

Feel yourself as the Marathon runner, looking at the running people in the central park , Feel the phenomenal and completely unlike the rest of America the energy of New York, created by dozens of cities inhabiting the city.

For Insider’s Tips we asked a professional local guide Michael Pellagatti, who has been a life long local. Along with being a tour guide; he is also a historian and a local activist who was involved with Occupy Wall Street back in 2011. He has articles in New York Times, conducted a tour for a class from Yale University, and has one of the higher test scores for a licensed tour guide in New York! (137/150)

2. Grand Canyon

Go to the Grand Canyon to understand what is a real grandeur and excellence. And on the way through the vast expanses and thousands of acres of deserted land, remember the stories of Jack London and O’Henry.

what to see in san francisco

Scenic vistas in San Francisco

3. San-Francisco

The city of San Francisco has been considered as one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Due to its geographical location, natural features and rich history, the city is famous for its contrast and very colorfulness. The legendary symbol of the American West, the offspring of the “gold rush” period, San Francisco attracts tourists from all over the world. Americans themselves often call the city “the pearl of the west coast.”

The main attraction of San Francisco, its business card is the Golden Gate Bridge – one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. The length of the bridge is about 2 kilometers, the height above the water level is 67 meters.

Also very popular is the Golden Gate Park – a beautiful oasis of greenery inside a large city, stretching for five kilometers in length and abutting on the beach of Ocean Beach. This beach, by the way, runs along another park, symbolically called Lands End. This place is the most extreme point of continental land in the direction of the rotation of our planet, the New Year comes last here.

On one of the islands near San Francisco is the famous prison Alcatraz, familiar to many of you from the movie “Rock.” In the past, this is one of the most severe prisons for especially dangerous criminals, only a few managed to escape from here. Today, the prison is not used for its intended purpose and turned into a museum, you can get here from San Francisco by ferry from the pier 33.

All other main San Francisco attractions and cool things to do in the city here for you. And a special feature – Mission San Francisco in 3 days!

4. Washington

Washington, the capital of the United States, a symbolic city of American statehood, received its name after the first American President George Washington. Grand and majestic, with spacious avenues, many kilometers of green boulevards and legendary monuments, this city embodies the dreams of Americans about freedom and justice.

Looking at the map of Washington touristic sights, you can be glad that they are located quite near. The names of Washington’s landmarks are known all over the world: the Natural History Museum, the Capitol, the Library of Congress, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Museum of Aviation and Cosmonauts and others.

Things to do in LA

Los Angeles Photo Walks – Union Station

5. Los-Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of worldwide significance. The strongest economy is based on international trade, entertainment, manufacturing and tourism.

A visit to Los Angeles isn’t complete without Hollywood. And Getty Museum. And Downtown LA. And… Get the bucket list out and start ticking as we explore Los Angeles.
Keep your eyes on what’s around, and we’ll take care of history and culture lesson. Here are 50 fun facts about Los Angeles and Things to Do and See in Hollywood Los-Angeles.

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