“Little Italy” within Moscow

Moscow is a fantastic blend of history, nations, languages and cultures. And Italy definitely made its contribution. Starting from architects that flooded the Russian capital centuries ago, Moscow’s love affair with Italy is stronger than you can imagine, from pizzerias to Italian wine shops, from cathedrals to shopping centers.Read more

Let’s get acquainted – Lenin!

When you come to Russia, you will probably notice, how often the name of Lenin is used here. Almost every city has Lenin street or Lenin Avenue, somewhere there are universities, libraries, cultural centers of the name of Lenin.Read more

St. Basil’s cathedral: Q&A

We are absolutely sure that if you ever think of Moscow, one of the tons of associations will be Saint Basil’s cathedral. Here are the most popular questions, which could come to your mind!… Read more

All you need to know about Moscow River

Moscow River is the main waterway of the Russian capital. Within the city, its length is 80 km, width varies from 120 m to 200 m. The narrowest part of the river is located near the Kremlin, and the most extensive is near the Luzhniki Stadium.… Read more

All you need to know about Bunker-42 in Moscow

cold war moscow, soviet moscow, bunker 42, cold war museum

If you’ve come to Moscow, chances are you want to experience something unique and authentic. You’ll hardly find a more unique place in Moscow than Bunker-42 Cold Ward Museum. Head to Taganskaya Metro station and make sure you have at least 2 hours of time.… Read more

10 Fun Facts about New York City

what to do in New York City

NYC is like a giant gelato with a scoop of every single flavor in the world.

New York is a unique abundant place full of mystery, fun, fashion, history, culture, amazing people from all over the world, brand-new malls, fascinating night life.… Read more