All you need to know about Bunker-42 in Moscow

cold war moscow, soviet moscow, bunker 42, cold war museum

If you’ve come to Moscow, chances are you want to experience something unique and authentic. You’ll hardly find a more unique place in Moscow than Bunker-42 Cold Ward Museum. Head to Taganskaya Metro station and make sure you have at least 2 hours of time.… Read more

10 Fun Facts about New York City

what to do in New York City

NYC is like a giant gelato with a scoop of every single flavor in the world.

New York is a unique abundant place full of mystery, fun, fashion, history, culture, amazing people from all over the world, brand-new malls, fascinating night life.… Read more

10 Cities nicknames

Moscow private tours

Thinking where to travel in 2016?

Have you ever been in the Moscow’s Kremlin, St Petersburg’s Hermitage, or Lisbon Cathedral? Have you ever climbed to Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Los Angeles’s Hollywood sign or New York’s One World Observatory to see the views of the world?  … Read more

21 facts about Moscow with infographics

Private tours in Moscow

With a few exceptions, internationally Moscow is known for Red Square, Kremlin, Armory and St Basil’s Cathedral.

Moscow is a place where the Russian history was made, and most tourists are drawn to Moscow’s rich historical and cultural heritage.… Read more

16 reasons why visit Russia in 2016

Travel to Russia

Russia is having a historical moment – a moment that’s lasted for the last thousand years.

Visiting Russia is always an adventure! Adventure into history, culture, food, traditions, people.

We collected 16 reasons why you should visit Russia in 2016.

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21 interesting facts about Moscow

Sometimes a quick stop for sightseeing turns up an iconic photo-op.

Sometimes the usual places become the most original and extraordinary, if you get to know them a bit better.

Lets plunge into the tricky list of «The Mosts» in Russian capital.… Read more

11 things to do in Moscow in winter

moscow in winter

Moscow is a friendly city, but “Moscow in winter” is a different story.

As a beautiful lady, it dresses in white and shines, as night starts earlier and street lights are sparkling along the famous Moscow Boulevard Ring.… Read more

18 Interesting facts about Malta

Moscow is not at its best in November, so our Moscow guide Vera packed a bag and escaped to Malta.
To say that  Malta has sophisticated cuisine, charming atmosphere and golden beaches means to say nothing.… Read more