Where to eat Kosher food in Moscow?

kosher food in Moscow

Kosher cafe in Moscow

Jewish community is rather developed in Moscow. There are many places connected with Jewish culture such as Jewish museum and tolerance center, Jewish cultural center named after R.Goldman, Moscow Jewish Community Center, educational organizations, language schools, synagogues, and a plenty of amazing restaurants with kosher food.Read more

Time machine: back in USSR

Soviet Moscow tour

Soviet motifs in Moscow metro

Moscow was the capital of former USSR and that is why nowadays it still brilliantly keeps the atmosphere of Soviet times, like no other city in Russia.Read more

Top Moscow’s gardens

Moscow parks

Amazing greenery in Moscow park

Architectural landmarks, works by the best landscape designers, sports and children’s playgrounds, beautiful fountains, mysterious grottos and greenhouses – Moscow gardens hold plenty of tourist attractions to fit every taste – the most difficult part is to choose!Read more

Sokolniki Park in Moscow

things ot od in moscow - sokolniki park

Moscow is a wonderful tourist destination with a lot of history and culture. But if you feel like you are having an overdose of history and need some rest from all the city’s hustle and bustle, Sokolniki Park in Moscow is a good idea.… Read more

11 Facts about Kuskovo Estate in Moscow

Kuskovo noble residence in Moscow

Created between 1750 and 1780, Kuskovo Estate is nowadays the only French park in Moscow, a formal Garden à la Française. Italian and Dutch Houses, European and Soviet porcelain, its own Hermitage and the unique Grotto make Kuskovo a distinct local gem and a highlight of any Moscow tour.… Read more

Best 2017 New Year’s Eve Events in Moscow

christmas day and christmas eve in moscow

What are the secret ingredients of an unforgettable New Year celebration? Surely, snow, glistening decorations, and that magic moment when you’re stepping into the new year. If you are going to spend this New Year in Moscow, here are the Best 2017 New Year’s Eve Events in Moscow.… Read more

All You Need to Know about Bunker-42 in Moscow

cold war moscow, soviet moscow, bunker 42, cold war museum

If you’ve come to Moscow, chances are you want to experience something unique and authentic. You’ll hardly find a more unique place in Moscow than Bunker-42 Cold Ward Museum. Head to Taganskaya Metro station and make sure you have at least 2 hours of time.… Read more

Moscow Events in August-November 2016

moscow park, vvc, soviet park, all russia exhibition center, vdnkh

Get ready to use these seven Moscow events as your guide to extraordinary local experience and cultural exchange. Don’t settle with your must-see list, go check out these incredible local events which are always the best spot to meet locals and have a real feel of Events and things to do in Moscow in August-November 2016.Read more

Moscow Events in June 2016


Summer has started. It is not only the best time to immerse into Russian history, but also to combine tourism with local cultural Moscow events. The variety of Moscow’s museums can match every taste: Moscow metro tour, Soviet heritage of Russia, Cosmonautics Museum, Moscow Design Museum and more!… Read more

Moscow attractions in 2016

What to see in Moscow 2016

2016 in Moscow! What’s new? Our city is being intensively changed for the better step by step every year. Moscow saw great transformation last year and for sure 2016 keeps a great number of exciting events in store.… Read more