All You Need to Know About Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg has always been famous for its history, its beauties and sights.
The city has many alternative romantic names, such as “Northern Venice”, “City on Neva” and “Northern Capital”.
Lots of tourists, traveling across Russia, want to first get to Saint-Petersburg, one of the most legendary, mystical and beautiful city in the country.
If you are still doubting which city to visit: Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, check our comparison Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Top Difference.

10 Must see places in Saint Petersburg. Summer Garden and Peter I Palace.

H What to See in Saint-Petersburg

Petrograd, Leningrad, St. Petersburg has always been the most important cultural, economic and scientific center of Russia. Nowadays, it is also a center of tourism. The list of Must-visit places is endless, so we have picked up for you 10 Must-See Places in Saint-Petersburg.
Here are the things we recommend you to pay attention on:

Grand Model Russia

Museums of Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is also called the cultural heart of the Russian Federation and this status has been with it from the very beginning – since May 27, 1703 Peter I.
The whole historic center of Petersburg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with estimated 8000 landmarks. In comparison, there are only 2 World Heritage Sites in Moscow – Red Square and Kremlin.

Speaking about culture it is very important to mention amazing museums of Saint-Petersburg. Surely, it’s Hermitage, Russian Museum and some other Cathedrals and Palaces. They are kind of ABC attractions of the city. But if you want to explore some other letters of the city’s alphabet, there are more than 300 museums in Saint-Petersburg for you. We have prepared the list of Unusual and Interesting Museums of St.Pete.

Architecture of Saint-Petersburg

The historical center of the city in the 18th century was built deliberately considering the ensembles and styles of neighboring buildings.
As a result, a pearl has turned out, where everyone wants to come again and again in order to walk and admire the beauty of the buildings.

Neva river

Flowing through the center of the city, Neva is divided into canals, which are used for sightseeing boats. The fastest and most accessible way to learn about the city as much as possible is to take such an excursion. During a river walk, guides will tell you about most of the buildings that the boat sails past. Each of them has its own rich history, sometimes tragic and sometimes romantic.

romantic places in Saint Petersburg, Russia

View on Hermitage museum


In St. Petersburg there are about 800 bridges, 13 of which are drawbridges.
About half a second during the night crowds gather on the banks to look at the opening of the bridges along the Neva. The best time to observe than the white nights can not be found.

White nights

White nights last in the Northern District from June 11 to July 2. At this time, the duration of the day is increased to 24 hours. The peak of white nights, as well as the tourist flow, falls on June 22. Tickets and accommodation is better to book in advance. What else to see during this period check in our article Scarlet Sails and top events in St Petersburg in June.

Nature in Saint-Petersburg


The nature of the Leningrad Region is surprisingly beautiful. At the end of the working week hundreds of tourist groups leave the city with backpacks.
By electric trains, tourists reach a number of specially equipped bases, where they spend their weekends. Last year, our guide Lena descended on a boat to Ladoga.
There is nothing better than relaxing in the fresh air.


Peterhof is also called the fountain capital. This is the largest ensemble in Europe: 4 huge cascades and about 150 fountains are spread over an area of 48 km2.
During this trip you have to pawn for the whole day. To reach Peterhof there are electric trains (30 min ride + 20 min walking by foot), minibuses (30 min) and meteors (30 min).

Cafes in Saint-Petersburg

Bars & Restaurants

They say that St Petersburg is a cultural capital of Russia. But it’s also the best destination for cozy places!
The best bars, restaurants and cafes are 100% here in St. Petersburg. There are a lot of them. And they are all sincere (you can not think of a better word).
For breakfast, you can eat amazing deserts, and in the evening go for a walk along the canals, hopping from time to time in bars.
Our local guide Valery visited the Coziest Cafes and Restaurants in St. Petersburg, and prepared for you his Top-10.

If you are looking for original authentic Russian places – Saint-Petersburg is the right place as well!
Whether it is an original name, the superb taste and flavor, exotic interior or cozy atmosphere, you will find your best place for dining in St. Petersburg.
Be ready for socializing with locals, yes, socializing, because all of these places are very VERY friendly!
Here is our Top-7 restaurants in Saint-Petersburg.

Metro in Saint-Petersburg

St.Petersburg Metro is unique because it is the deepest in the world. Moreover, all stations have a nice design and station “Autovo” is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. There is also a St. Petersburg Metro Museum, where you can explore the history of city’s underground.

Saint-Petersburgs’ view

Saint-Petersburg from Locals

To glimpse a bit of St. Petersburg’s local life, we asked a local journalist Tanya Barashkova to talk to us about St. Petersburg. We talked about things to do in St. Petersburg, non-touristy St. Petersburg and how Saint Petersburg is different from Moscow.
You’ll be surprised, but you know nothing about the city and its life after reading your 270-page Lonely Planet book. Our 1400-word article will help you to get acquainted with the cultural capital of Russia and to know The best Saint-Petersburg Tips.

Another good news is that we know that traveling is sometimes being expensive, so we have also prepared for you a list of 10 free things to do in St. Pete! Don’t miss a chance to read it!

Rooftop Tour in Saint-Petersburg

Non-touristy Saint-Petersburg

When you are done with main attractions, we invite you to see the city from another side. Another side is the exact collocation for the next amusement. Saint-Petersburg is the city you definitely need to see from…rooftop! Marvelous Rooftop Photo Tour in Saint-Petersburg is the event you will never forget!

Afterwards, we advice you to visit Mysterious Places of Saint-Petersburg. The list is quite impressive, but if you visit at least a few of them – you will definitely not regret!

So, we hope that you have already made up a decision to visit Saint-Petersburg and if not – read our 50 Fun Facts about St.Petersburg and think once again!

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