Banksy’s Heritage: Street Art in St Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is considered to be the centre of contemprorary and independent art in Russia. So its’ creative residents try their best to make the city look like the art centre. You will ask how? The answer is simple. Graffiti! Although there are lots of problems with graffitis, they are always painted over and so on, so Street Art in Saint-Petersburg is highly spread.

Here is a list of the most famous ones. However, a new celeb among graffitis can appear in every moment!

Saint-Petersburg street art

Colosseum. Photo by


For those who are sick of gloomy weather and grey streets. Just walk a bit along Italianskaya Street to get to Rome (which is not a surprise as the name of the street means Italian street)! One of the yards is colorfully painted to look like a typical Italian street and it`s impossible to imagine Italy without Colosseum. So here you`re are!

Adress: 29, Italianskaya Street

graffiti Saint-Petersburg

Scarlet sails graffiti. Photo by

Scarlet Sails

Alexander Grin`s Scarlet Sails is one of the most popular literatural pieces in Russia. It`s a symbol of dreams coming true, adventurous and happy life. In May there is a big celebration for graduates with the same name and the same ship. That`s why this graffiti appeared. In honor of that celebration as Peter and Paul`s Fortress is behind the ship with scarlet sails.

Adress: 183b, Ligovskiy Prospekt

Street art Saint-Petersburg

Dr.Dre. Photo by Piter Tomorrow

Dr. Dre

Walls on Marata Street are fully covered with different graffitis, but the most famous is the yard on 16, Marata St. It was a place of a graffiti festival, but some time ago here also appeared a giant picture of Dr. Dre made by very well-known graffiti group HoodGraffTeam

Adrees: 16, Marata Street

graffiti Saint-Petersburg

The portrait of Sergey Bodrov. Photo by

HoodGraffTeam`s graffitis

Actualy almost all of the graffitis that have appeared recently are made by the team and not everybody are for what they`re doing as some pictures are always painting over. However some of them has been on their places for a long time such as Albert Einstein (37, Liteyniy prospect) or one of the city`s main atracttions – partrait of Viktor Zoy (5, Mayakovskogo Street) or grafittis with Rowan Atkinson and actor Sergey Bodrov (8a, Grecheskiy Prispekt and 8, Mayakovskogo Street)

St.Petersburg street art

Gustav Klimt stylization. Photo by

Gustav Klimt

If you sometimes visit city`s residential areas you`ll have a chance to enjoy some Gustav Klimt`s paintings. It is the best example of how grey and boring buildings are changed into a piece of real art.

Adress: 7, Dibenko Street

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