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Amazing greenery in Moscow park

Architectural landmarks, works by the best landscape designers, sports and children’s playgrounds, beautiful fountains, mysterious grottos and greenhouses – Moscow gardens hold plenty of tourist attractions to fit every taste – the most difficult part is to choose!

The Hermitage garden

This is one of the oldest park of Moscow, which has recently celebrated the 120 year anniversary. The best architects and painters took part in its construction. It is interesting to note that within the small territory there are three theatres, summer stage and ice skating rink in winter. If you happen to kiss under the monument of the lovers, it will make the relationships more stable and bright. The garden is the venue for various events, and every year it becomes more and more popular among the Muscovites, thanks to the present owners. “The most Moscow place to be”, – this is how the locals refer to it.

The Aquarium garden

Fountains, sculptures, fine fences, rich greenery – there is everything necessary for a good rest in this park. It owes its reputation of “theatrical oasis” to the two famous theatres – the theatre of Satire and the Mossovet theatre. In 2016 the garden will celebrate its 123 anniversary. The rich history of this place and the stories of the world celebrities’ lives, who performed on its stage attract thousands of tourists every year. Nowadays the park is a green area popular among both, locals and tourists.

The Morozov garden

The first mention of the Morozov garden dates back to 1772 – back to those days it belonged to prince Kantemir, one of the sons of the ruler of Moldavia. Before the revolution of 1917 it belonged to the merchant family of Morozovs, to whom it owes its present name. This is a small garden situated in the historical downtown of Moscow, which had been the private territory for a long time but then was turned into a public place with the efforts of the initiative group of locals. It is situated on one of the seven hills of Moscow, so it offers a spectacular view.

The Muzeon park

Entertaining and educational open air venue. Muzeon park is one of the youngest and modern parks of Moscow. Within the area of approximately 20 ha there are the open air sculpture museum, summer cinema, the pavilion of art, plenty of concert venues and a parkland. You can alternate idle pastime by the fountains with art master classes.

The Patriarch’s ponds

An artificial pond, which is located at the intersection of Malaya Bronnaya street and small side streets, has an air of mystery. This place is connected with evil spirits, which Russian writer Mihkail Bulgakov described in his famous novel ‘the Master and Margarita’ in detail. Pay attention to the statue of famous fable writer Ivan Krylov, surrounded by the characters of his fables. Another local attraction is a flock of wild ducks, frequently fed by the passersby.

The Aptekarsky garden

The oldest botanical garden, founded in 1706 by emperor Peter the Great, initially was a place to grow medical plants and now turned into one of the most spectacular places in Moscow. Immaculately manicured flowerbeds, greenhouses, alleys with rare plants – the visitors can come across thousands of species. This place is referred to as “the kingdom of flora” by the locals.

The Milyutinsky garden

A quiet old park in Pokrovsky boulevard, famous by the Soviet film “Pokrovskiye gates”, which every town dweller is familiar with. This small garden is surrounded by wrought iron gates which separate the park from the boulevard, making it a hidden oasis, a quiet place where locals walk with their children and white collars rest during their breaks.

Tsvetnoy boulevard

Popular pedestrian zone and a relax place nowadays, Tsvetnoy boulevard used to be a flower market. On both sides there are numerous business centers and the old circus. A big shopping mall located nearby attracts even more visitors. In the middle of the boulevard there is a fountain, which is a popular place for lovers to meet and for children to play nearby. Don’t forget to take your camera to have fun taking pictures with the statue of the clown!

The Neskuchny garden

According to historical documents, the ancient alleys of the park were created in 1756. Among the main attractions, we can mention the summer house of count Orlov, Ekaterininsky pond, grotto, romantic bridges and the famous “hunter’s house”, where the TV show “What? Where? When?” is filmed. Picturesque views of the park attract artists; there is a rope course, a greenhouse, several sports and playing grounds in the territory of the park.

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