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Planning a trip to Moscow? Congratulations!
Have already booked or even bought plane tickets but don’t have time to read those heavy guidebooks? Don´t worry, we will take care of everything. Actually, we have already done it!
If you have about half an hour to read Moscow Travelguide – you will be absolutely ready to the amazing trip around the capital of Russian Federation! So let’s start!

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Our Friendly Local Guide – Alina

Local tips about Moscow

Moscow is very different from most cities in the world. Russia has its own peculiarities that need to be considered, and then nothing will spoil your impressions about the country.
Be sure you have read our 5 things to know before you travel to Moscow, so you can get acquainted with some local features of Russia in common and Moscow in particular.

Also before coming to the city, we would like you to know that even though Moscow is quite expensive as most of world’s capitals, there are opportunities to save money, despite temptations found on every corner. So, check out 7 ways to save money while traveling to Moscow and feel like a local in our marvelous city.

Metro tour in Moscow. How to save money

Moscow metro

Moscow Transportation System

And now let’s slightly move to the navigation in the city.
First thing you will definitely come up with is Moscow airport, there are four of them nowadays and they are all super convenient, but since Moscow is a busy capital, it’s better to decide in advance how to get to the hotel and not to stuck in a traffic jam. All available routes and even a bit of history you can find in our review Facts about Moscow airports.

While you are in the city – don’t miss a chance to ride Moscow metro. There are two main reasons for that.
First – it’s the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way of getting around the city.
Second – even if you don’t need to go anywhere and you are here just for a couple of hours, Moscow metro is incredibly beautiful. Three metro stations have been included in the Unified State Register of regional cultural heritage landmarks. To make your trips in Moscow metro more interesting and fulfilled, we have prepared for you 30 fun facts about Moscow Metro and 7 myths about Moscow metro

Kremlin tour

Moscow Kremlin

What to Do on Red Square

We are absolutely sure, that almost every tourist (doesn’t matter for how long he or she is going to stay in the capital), while being in Moscow, visits the city’s most famous symbols – the Red Square and Kremlin, the geographic and the historical center of Moscow.
If you are interested in Kremlin’s history, its timeline, want to know more about Kremlin clock and the famous couple – Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell, then 33 facts of Moscow Kremlin is worth reading. And in order not to overload you with historical information we offer you to rest and read Fun facts about Kremlin and Red Square, we bet you didn’t know most of them before! But if you did – check out our offers about city tours, our friendly local guides know how to astonish you!

Muzeon Park

Moscow in a Few Days

As we have just mentioned – some of tourists don’t have a lot of time for traveling but come for a few days in Moscow. That is also a good decision. If you plan those days rationally, you can visit most of the main tourists attractions and feel the unforgettable spirit of Moscow city. So when you are limited in time – be sure you have read our advices on What to see and do in Moscow in 3 days, you will feel that your bucket list is enough to keep you busy for a month.
If you are more lucky and have a bit of extra time, don’t be afraid of not knowing what to do. Our friendly guides prepared for you a checklist of 21 things to do in Moscow, starting from traditional Red Square and Kremlin, ending with the best Moscow city parks and museums. Of course Bolshoy theatre is in the list as well!

Walking tour of Moscow

Nikolskaya street in Kitay Gorod. Moscow

Moscow City Centre

So you’ve seen Red Square and the Kremlin. What’s next? Look around for hidden treasure of Moscow, and find yourself in the oldest part of Old Russia – Kitay Gorod. It is the oldest part of Moscow after the Kremlin, which emerged in the 14th century due to the expansion of the boundaries.
Kitay Gorod means China Town in Russian, it is interesting, that it has actually nothing to do with China as a country. “Kitay” takes origins from an old craft of weaving and it’s always been a pleasant merchant area.
We have collected for you 21 Fun Facts about Kitay Gorod in Moscow, so don’t forget to have a look! The streets of Kitay Gorod is actually a separate topic to discuss. Among them there are the first street in Moscow, the shopping street, the street of cathedrals. Read more about them in our article Top facts about old Moscow streets.
Speaking about streets, we couldn’t mention our queen…Tverskaya street. And if Velikaya street was the first one, then Tverskaya street is the main one. One of the oldest historical streets, first mentioned 900 years ago. Tverskaya is a main artery and heart of Moscow. And, finally, out of curiosity – Tverskaya street is in TOP 10 most expensive streets in the world.

When you already had your Red Square tour and looking for non-touristy Moscow, off the beaten path and local gems of Moscow, then it’s time for “the Third Circle”.
Let’s leave Kremlin and Kitay Gorod fortresses and head to more local, authentic part of Moscow – the White City and Boulevard ring of Moscow and Zamoskvorechye district.

Downtown of Moscow

Stalin architecture in Moscow – Hotel Pekin

The Architecture of Moscow

Wait! Aren’t we missing something? It’s now clear with all those streets and transport, but…
What about architecture? The architecture of Moscow is just as intriguing. Over 100 high-rise Moscow buildings with the height of 100 to 374 meters. Over 10 oldest buildings dating back to 1420-s (the oldest). Finally, hundreds of unique and famous buildings Moscow can be proud of, which are majestic monuments and architectural gems of different times and styles. Get acquainted with them by reading about The tallest and oldest buildings in Moscow and don’t forget Stalin Skyscrapers!

Yoga class in Muzeon park

Yoga class in Muzeon park

Moscow Parks

The last but not the least chapter of today’s digest is of course about Moscow parks! It’s the undoubted part of Moscow city life and is very popular among both locals and tourists.
Gorky Park, Muzeon park and of course Tsaritsyno Park are the most popular once. That’s why we have prepared for you lots of breathtaking and fun facts about them!

Most popular cafe in Moscow among locals

Photo by Ludi kak Ludi

Must-visit Cafes in Moscow

And after visiting them – don’t forget to have a meal! What could be better after a day, spent on fresh air?
Oh, you are asking where to do it? Relax, faithfully yours friendly local guides have thought about it in advance and made lists of the best restaurants in Moscow, and for coffemaniacs the list of best coffee shops in Moscow!

Enjoy your trip!

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