Who’s a Real Petersburger?

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Our guide Alina in front of Hermitage

If you have nothing to do during chilly night, try to google ”typical petersburger”. What will you find? Nothing apropriate actually – tonnes of articles with phrases like ”every night at theatre”, ”Hermitage-lover”, ”korushka”, ”grumpy”, ”polite”, ”shy”, ”grey”, ”poor clothes”, ”a book of Pushkin in the backpack”, ”obsessed with Russian literature” etc.Read more

Scarlet Sails and top events in St Petersburg in June


What’s the best way to spend time than soaking up the local vibe? Anything that gets your adrenaline flowing will do, however we prefer to do it in style: Scarlet Sails, Imperial Gardens of Russia and International Economic Forum may become the most vibrant and colorful events in your life!… Read more

50 facts about St Petersburg

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Consistently voted among the Top Travel Destinations by TripAdvisor, city of St Petersburg is the  cultural, bohemian, tram, bridge, rooftop, gastronomic and coffee capital of Russia.

The charming vibe is a reason in itself to come here. … Read more

10 Free Things To Do in St Petersburg

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The top of the list goes to Peter and Paul Fortress, of course. But there are many bridges and gardens that deserve your attention.

Have a strong morning coffee and welcome to unimaginable views, amazing architecture, incredible adventure!… Read more

10 Cities nicknames

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Thinking where to travel in 2016?

Have you ever been in the Moscow’s Kremlin, St Petersburg’s Hermitage, or Lisbon Cathedral? Have you ever climbed to Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Los Angeles’s Hollywood sign or New York’s One World Observatory to see the views of the world?  … Read more

22 Facts about Why is St Petersburg unique

Facts about St Petersburg

How much do you know about St Petersburg Russia?

Follow in the footsteps of our friendly local guide in St Petersburg to explore the unique pearls of Russia.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is: 600 km of rails, 800 bridges or 3-million Hermitage collection. … Read more