Russian food, Russian atmosphere
5 hours
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Visiting Russia is like going back in history – the times of Tsars, Emperors, Peter the Great, Soviet times, Lenin, Communists and Stalin.

On our Russian Food Tour you’ll see all the most beautiful and historical must see attractions of St Petersburg, and try Russian pancakes, Soviet-style lunch borsch, cozy modern atmosphere of bohemian St Petersburg, as well traditional hospitality, coziest and amazingly beautiful interior.

All food is included!


We can add/drop some places to make it more/less historical, cultural or foodie.

We can include food markets and street food.

The price and menu for this tour varies depending on number of people, season and duration of the tour. All tours are always customized to make you happy. You are welcome to pay $20 per extra person in cash on the tour.

The menu for our food tour is pre-set, but you can order something extra in cafes, if you wish. 

Let the Fun begin!


Saint Petersburg Food Tour

5 hours

Hotel pickup

  • Sightseeing

  • First of all we’ll go by metro to the station “Gostiny Dvor” and have a walk along the main city street  – Nevsky Prospect –  till Griboyedov Channel.
  • Short excursion to The Church of Spilled Blood, close to it we’ll see Michael’s Garden and Russian Museum and also the Field of Mars.
  • Turning back to Nevsky Prospect we’ll pass by Small and Big Konushenaya Streets, fun place among tourist and citizens.
  • After crossing Moyka River we’ll have brunch.
  • 2 options for brunch:
  • 1. Literature Café, loved by the bohemian elite

Very famous and very popular place among poets and writers of 19th century, such as A. Pushkin and others, and taste some Russian meals too

The cafe is located at the heart of the city at the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and Moika River. Literary Cafe occupies two floors and keeps the tradition of the old days.

At the beginning of the XIX century this place was a famous confectionery by S. Wolf and T. Beranger, which met famous writers, poets, journalists.

The second floor is made in the style of the best salons and restaurants of XIX century. The menu is the hallmark of fine Russian-French cuisine, based on old recipes of Pushkin’s time.

Literary Cafe is a harmonious blend of Russian cuisine and Russian culture, with its romantic and unique atmosphere of antiquity.

… In the early years of the Northern capital at this place was a small house of Vice Admiral Cornelius Cruys, an associate of Peter the Great.

Here for the first time in St. Petersburg opened a Wax Museum. Soon there was opened one of the most famous confectionery of St. Petersburg. Newspapermen wrote about it as a temple of delicacies and extravagance, as a work of art created from chocolate meringue.

In this cafe Pushkin observed his favorite Nevsky Prospekt for the last time before his fatal duel on the Black River…

  • Recommended to try (optional, paid on your own): 
  • Vinaigrette with Baltic herring served with Borodinsky bread and kvass (Russian bread drink);
  • Salmon caviar served with wheat pancakes and sour cream;
  • Pied dumplings with variety of meat.  Served with butter, sour cream and greens;
  • Chernigovsky borsch (Beetroot soup with pork, beans, prunes, ceps, sour cream, and served with lard and garlic pampushki (yeast fritters);
  • Banana flamed in rum with cinnamon and ice-cream;
  • Cake “Black Forest” made of chocolate biscuit with cherries, brandy and chocolate chips;
  • 2. Soviet cafe Dachniki

  • Cafe is full of cosy soviet atmosphere and Russian country life. The visitors will meet everything that they love from their childhood : soviet films, music and also dishes. The menu is full of home made pelmeni, vareniki, traditional soups, baked potatos, favoutite soviet apple pies and candies.
  • Menu for your lunch:
  • Soup, salad and hot dishes (several dishes to any choice), menu is different every day.
  • Soups:
  • borch
  • chicken soup
  • solyanka soup
  • fish soup
  • Salads:
  • olivie (Russian salad)
  • salad with herring
  • salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, onion and dill

  • Sightseeing

  • Walking along Palace square and Hermitage to Palace embankment and Admiralty we’ll come to Bronze Horseman.
  • The next point of our fun tour is St.Isaac Cathedral and it’s beautiful Isaac’s square and famous Blue Bridge.
  • Passing by Moyka river we are turning to one if the first streets of that part of the city – Gorokhovay street where we’re going to have lunch time or tea/coffee at Candies by Coffee Room, very popular place among locals, especially young people.

  • Lunch at Candies by Coffee Room, casual cafe, #1 among locals

There is no place for formal communication, business meetings or fancy dresses in St Pete’s Coffee Room. The place feels like home. It feels like you got into a science fiction novel about parallel worlds, and the number of sweets in the menu is insane!

In addition to the homemade chocolates (of popcorn or dried fruit, for example), cheesecakes, airy panna cotta and fondant (unusually large, with a gentle and a lot of toppings), there is a very healthy morning menu with Benediction eggs and sturdy salads.

This is a great place for slow breakfast or lunch. Friendly and cozy atmosphere. Personal attention to each guest. The interior is very local, original with a lot of cozy sofas and chairs around tables where you can sit with your friends, enjoy your coffee with home-made sweet dishes and have a nice conversation. Great collection of music compositions makes the atmosphere very relaxed.

Menu changes every week, it’s never the same!

  • Sample options for your lunch:
  • soup, salad, juice or tea and candies
  • soup, hot meal, juice or tea and candies
  • salad, juice or tea and candies
  • soup, hot meal, salad, juice or tea and candies
  • Soups:
  • home made chicken soup
  • tomato soup with parmesan
  • cheese soup with becon
  • soup with beef
  • soup with spinach and shrimps
  • onion soup backed with cheese
  • Salads:
  • Greece Salad
  • salad with tuna
  • salad with chicken
  • Hot meals:
  • pork with sauce and rice
  • fish lasagne
  • schnitzel with cheese and puree


More sightseeing

To finish our tour we’ll have a walk along Griboyedov Chanel to one of the most beautiful and magical city bridge – Bank Bridge, make a wish and  go back to Kazan Cathedral and Nevsky Prospect

From that point you have a lot if options: you may walk down Nevsky prospect to Anichkov Bridge, or go straight on to Summer garden and Fields of Mars, or simply visit Hermitage.


Extra costs (per person):

Only $20 

Your tour: Fun facts, iconic places, local experience, traditional food, friendly guide
Your guide: Bright and energetic local, young, enthusiastic, and fun! Your guide is your local friend.
Activity Level: high
Maximum travelers: 4
Pick up & Drop off: Lobby of your hotel or any place you wish
Start time: 10am - 12pm
Extra hours: If you are having a good time and want your St Petersburg tour last a little bit longer, you are welcome to do that. Please note: You will be charged 20 USD per an extra hour.
Tipping suggestions: If you feel like you had a good experience, your guide would appreciate a tip. It's not mandatory. It's your decision whether you want to give your guide a tip.

What you get:

  • + Meet a local and make a new friend in Saint Petersburg.
  • + Exciting fun communication with a local, not just boring history lessons.
  • + Ask your guide questions about any subject, get genuinely connected with your guide.
  • + Private Saint Petersburg tour, customized itinerary, personalized experience.
  • + Flexibility during the tour: changes can be made at any time to suit your individual preferences.
  • + Your personal tour guide focuses solely on you and makes sure you get the most out of your experience.
  • + Your personal travel consultant is at your service any time via email, facebook, skype or whatsapp. You will not feel alone with Friendly Local Guides.
  • + Must do + off the beaten path of the city.
  • + An authentic experience of local life.
  • + Local cosy cafes and restaurants with traditional cuisine and interior.
  • + Lunch specials on weekdays (Mon-Fri).
  • + Best coffee shops in the city.
  • + A photo session amongst spectacular Saint Petersburg scenery that can be treasured for a lifetime.
  • + Special offers for taxi and hotels with good location and price.
  • + Expert local advice on what to do, where to go, and how to make the most of your time in St Petersburg.

*This tour can be modified to meet your preferences