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  1. My native hair color is really ginger. :-)
  2. I love animals very much. I'm an absolute dog lover. When I was a small child I even wanted to be a veterinarian.
  3. The person I will always admire is my Mom, as she is the strongest person I've ever known.
  4. I love Soviet and old Hollywood films, they are so touching and sincere.
  5. I'm afraid of deep water and huge waves, but I dream about studying surfing :-)
  6. My first profession is a teacher of English.
  7. I want to have a World Tour with my friends.
  8. I studied in a ballet school and wanted to be a ballet dance for some time. Since that time I'm in love with theater.
  9. I believe in big changes.
  10. I believe in a power of dreams. I'm definitely sure that the greatest dreams can come true.