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Paris Food Tour

Eat like a Parisian - Unforgettable French meal!

$167 — 3 hours
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food tour in Paris

Discover awe-inspiring places, hidden gems, and favorite places of locals, Napolean and Queen Elizabeth!

Plus take memorable photos in between your lunch and ice-cream. The places in the itinerary of Paris food tour can be modified to meet your preferences.

*The tour can be modified to meet your preferences.


  • Champs de Mars
  • St Germain des Pres
  • Le Procope
  • Ile St Louis
  • Marais
  • Stohrer Patisserie


  • Enjoy picturesque Paris views and delicious food;
  • Visit perfect place for gourmets – St Germain des Pres;
  • Have a lunch in the most legendary café in Paris;
  • See the most popular place for picnics;
  • Experience a great mix of cultures in Marais;
  • Try the yummiest ice-cream in France;
  • Taste desserts in the oldest bakery in Paris;
  • Discover the best Parisian places to have a meal. 

Tour Itinerary:

Champ de Mars

A real Paris tour is impossible without visiting a view point to see the famous Tour Eiffel. Did you know that the most popular view on postcards in Paris can be seen from Champ de Mars? Champ de Mars is a perfect place to enjoy breathtaking views of Eiffel Tower and to take memorable photos. A huge green area of 25 ha is a favourite place for tourists and locals to relax near the greatest Parisian monument.

By the way many people come here for picnics to enjoy both delicious food and spectacular scenes.

St Germain des Pres

St Germain des Pres is a must-visit quarter if you want to see real Parisian life. This area can be described as elegant and charming. Small bystreets, old mansions and lovely courtyards will make you fall in love with this place. Here you can also see many locals wandering through the streets, doing shopping or chilling in cafes. St Germain des Pres is also a place with the highest concentration of grocery stores and small food markets.

So if you want to buy and sample French cheese or wine, St Germain is just what you need.

Le Procope

How about having a lunch in the oldest public café in Paris? One of the legendary cafes is Le Procope. It is one of the oldest cafes in the world, founded in 1686. Just imagine: 5 centuries of history! Here you can see Napoleon’s hat (yes, Napoleon was a frequent guest here) which was left in this café and saved by the owner of Procope. In the Age of Enlightenment “Le Procope” became the first literary café in Paris. The list of famous guests is endless: Rousseau, Diderot, Hugo, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin… Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Nowadays Procope can offer atmospheric old interior, great service and, of course, delicious dishes of French cuisine including traditional onion soup, foie gras, escargots and many others.

Tasty food, significant historic place and good company – sounds like a perfect lunch!

Ile St Louis

Before we go to another bank of Seine let’s make a stop at Ile St Louis. This is one of two remained islands in Seine. Unlike Cite Island it is not very popular among tourists and now is a place where rich people prefer to live. The island has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. But there is one place where you can see lots of people. It’s the famous Berthillon café. It was founded in 1954 and immediately became popular by extremely delicious ice-cream made only of natural ingredients. More than 70 sorts of ice-cream and sorbet – you have much to taste! Berthillon is ? 1 ice-cream café in Paris according to all kinds of rankings and is considered to be one of the best in the world.


Marais… What a charming place! This quarter combines a spirit of old times and contemporary culture. Being a Jewish neighborhood for a long time, nowadays Marais is a multicultural district which integrates people of numerous nationalities. This can be seen in a big variety of restaurants. French, Jewish, Chinese, Moroccan, Italian cuisine – here you can find anything you want and experience different dishes. Marais is also a popular place for a Sunday brunch – for many Parisians it became a tradition.

Marais is surely a must-visit place for gourmets.

Stohrer Patisserie

In the heart of Paris, on Rue Montorgueil you will find a real treasure – Stohrer. This place is not just patisserie, it is a legend! Founded in 1730 by pastry chef Stohrer, this bakery nowadays is the oldest (and surely one of the best) in Paris. By the way it’s one of the favourite patisseries of Queen Elizabeth. Showcases will impress you with a great variety of desserts which look like pieces of art.

Croissants, cakes, pies, éclairs… How difficult it is – to make a choice! Paradise for sweet-tooth!


  • * The itinerary is subject to change


Extra costs (per person):

Entrance fees (if any)

Extra food, not incuded in the tour program

Activity Level: moderate
Maximum travelers: 5
Meet up & End location: lobby of your hotel
Start time: any time
Extra hours: If you are having a good time and want your Paris City Tour last a little bit longer, you are welcome to do that. Please note: You will be charged 40 USD per an extra hour.
Tipping suggestions: If you feel like you had a good experience, your guide would appreciate a tip. It's not mandatory. It's your decision whether you want to give your guide a tip.

What you get:

  • + A friend in Paris.
  • + Private & customized tour.
  • + An exciting pastime, not just boring history lessons.
  • + An authentic experience of local life.
  • + Flexibility during the tour: changes can be made at any time to suit individual preferences.
  • + Amazing deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the very best cafes & restaurants. 
  • + A photo session amongst spectacular Paris scenery that can be treasured for a lifetime.
  • + An expert advice on what to do, where to go, and how to make the most of your time.

*This Paris tour can be modified to meet your preferences.

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food tour in Paris

$167 — 3 hours

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Video reviews

  • It was raining when we started this tour. Our private local guide met us by the hotel and took us to the vine and cheese tasting place. Then we went for some delicious pastries. My kids loved it. By the time the tour was over, sun has come out again and we went to eat some ice-cream by the fountain. Our local guide gave us some useful tips on where to go for the best lunch and dinner in Paris. It was a very enjoyable and pleasant tour. I will recommend it to all of my friends.

    Iasmina P, Germany, Sep 20, 2016

  • We found this tour in the internet and were very intrigued by its name. 3 hours devoted to food tasting Ė what can be better? Especially when you are in Paris. Our private tour guide was a very caring young fellow who took us to the most spectacular views on the Eifel tower and after marveling on this beauty we launched our trip to the world of the local delicacies. My husband is very allergic to cheese, so we had to skip the cheese part, but weíve tried everything else that is a Must to ty in Paris. Our guide showed us some of the best restaurants and cafes in the city where we could come when the tour is over. We think this tour is a gem, and it would be a real loss if you missed it if you were in Paris.

    Michela B, Italy, Sep 20, 2016

  • Oh, Paris, Paris. It should be the world capital of pastries. They are so delicious that you canít stop from having more. For me the second reason to have butterflies in my stomach Ė is to enjoy the food Iím eating. Itís heavenly delicious here. Especially the Napoleon. My private local guide knew all the good places not only for the mouthwatering foods, but also for the hot scenic views. It really was a great tour, which I highly enjoyed. Three hours of heaven.

    Victoria M, Russia, Sep 20, 2016

  • It all started with ice-cream tasting. Then comes the famous Napoleon, croissants, different kinds of cheese and vine and finally a big traditional Parisian dinner. Paris food tour is a Paradise for the gourmets of the world. Donít miss the chance to try the best food Paris has to offer, it really as good as they say.

    Elisa M, Italy, Sep 20, 2016