1-Day Tour in Paris

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7 hours
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All main touristy sights on One Day in Paris tour with a friendly local guide.

14 Must-See attractions, most scenic views, loads of fun facts and unbelievable stories. Experience all Paris in 1 Day!

*The tour can be modified to meet your preferences.


  1. Notre Dame
  2. Ile de la Cité
  3. Louvre
  4. Tuileries
  5. River Seine
  6. Pont Alexandre III
  7. Eiffel Tower
  8. Champ de Mars
  9. Champs Elysées
  10. Arc de Triomphe
  11. Places des Vosges
  12. Le Marais
  13. Latin Quarter
  14. St Germain des Prés


  • Unforgettable 7-hour Paris tour with your friendly local guide;
  • Explore main sights of the most fashionable and romantic city;
  • Take pictures of the most famous attractions in the world;
  • Visit the oldest part of Paris;
  • Listen to Parisian melodies played by street musicians;
  • See the Eiffel Tower from different points;
  • Walk along picturesque Seine embankments;
  • Wander through fascinating streets of Marais Quarter;
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh croissant in local café like a real Parisian (not included in price).

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1

Notre Dame de Paris

Let’s start our Paris tour with the most significant cathedral in the city which was glorified in the famous Victor Hugo’s novel. Built in the best traditions of Gothic style, it looks sophisticated. The interior of the cathedral is quite modest but your attention will be surely caught by amazing stained-glass windows and the old organ which is the largest in France. The cathedral is decorated with numerous sculptures.

If you want your wish to come true you should make it here and touch the sculpture of chimera.

Ile de la Cite

Notre Dame Cathedral is located on the small island of Seine called Cite. Not everybody knows that this area is a birthplace of Paris. Here thousands years ago the first settlement was located. And many years later this small settlement turned into a huge multicultural megapolis. Besides Notre Dame there are some significant monuments to check out. For example, Gothic Saint Chapelle which is considered a masterpiece of stained glass art and the complex of Palace of Justice which takes almost half of island and consists of buildings of different architectural styles.

Cite is a must-see place to find out how Paris began.


No doubt that Louvre is the most famous museum in the world. By the way, it’s the 1st museum which was opened for general public in 1793. Here you can find masterpieces of all cultures, ages and genres. The collection contains more than 400 000 exhibits. The history of the building is also very rich. Constructed in middle ages, it was modified many times. The last changes were made in 1989 when the large vitreous pyramid was raised up as a new entry to museum.

The main masterpiece in Louvre is surely the legendary “Mona Lisa” with her mysterious smile.

Jardin des Tuileries 

In the centre of vibrant and lively Paris you can find a place with quiet warm atmosphere. Tuileries is the best place to relax during the city exploration. This garden will make you admire its landscape with ideal lines and beautiful plants. It is the perfect example of gardens of “a-la Francais” style which are real pieces of gardening design.

The garden occupies an area of 25 ha and is a favourite place not only for tourists but also for Parisians.

River Seine

Not all Paris attractions are man-made. The main Paris symbol is made by nature. Seine River is often called the independent district, the main avenue and the highway of Paris. It is a borderline of two banks: La Rive Gauche and La Rive Droite. During all the history of the city banks of Seine have been representing different lifestyles: bohemian on the left bank and rich luxurious on the right. But anyway both sides are extremely beautiful.

It’s a real delight to walk along Seine embankments and to enjoy breathtaking scenes.

Pont Alexandre III

The riversides of Seine are linked with more than 30 bridges each having its own history. But among all bridges this one has a special place. Firstly, because it was named after Russian Emperor as a sign of unity of two great countries. And secondly, without exaggeration, this bridge is the most beautiful in Paris.

Made of dazzling white marble and gold and decorated with amazing sculptures it will amaze you with its elegance.

Eiffel Tower

The Paris tour is impossible without visiting the symbol of Paris and France itself. So it is the highlight of all Paris tours and of course of ours too! Built in 1889, this elegant metallic construction became extremely popular and now it is a real legend which is known by everyone. So now you can proudly tick off one more must-see attraction in your bucket list.

Eiffel Tower – done!

Champs de Mars

Located just in front of Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars is the best place to take best photos of the main Paris attraction. From here you can see the Eiffel Tower in all its beauty and majesty. It is a great place to have a rest: just relax on green grass and enjoy amazing views.

Champs de Mars is also a big place for different exhibitions and open-air festivals.

Champs Elysees

Oh, Champs Elysees… Being the most famous avenue in the world it is full of charm, elegance and chic. All the best fashionable shops, expensive restaurants and elite clubs are concentrated here. But even if you are not ready to spend money in this extremely expensive street you will feel a real pleasure just by walking along it.

Champs Elysees is surely the top place to see in Paris.

Arc de Triomphe

Taking origin from Place de la Concorde, Champs Elysees will lead you to Place de l’Etoile which has a shape of a star with 12 avenues arising from the centre of the square. And right in the centre you will see the majestic Triumphal Arch which is the largest in the world and surely the most famous. The Arch was built in honor of Napoleon’s victories and images battle scenes. The view of Arch is really impressive.

What can be more impressive? The view which can be opened for you from the observation deck on the Arch rooftop. 

Place des Vosges

Founded in 16th century, this square is the oldest in Paris. Despite its age this place was preserved unchangeable and saved the spirit of old Paris. That’s why it is often called “purely French”. During all times many people have dreamed to live here but since the 16th century till our time only the richest people could afford it. The square has a perfect straight shape of a foursquare and is surrounded by 36 houses built in a unified style. There are 2 pavilions – the King’s and the Queen’s.

There’s no better place for a cup of coffee, watching performances of street artists or exploring local workshops and art galleries.

Le Marais

Before 13th century there was a swamp on this place and that’s why the name of this quarter is translated as “swamp” too. But nowadays nothing here reminds of those times. Marais nowadays is a distinctive multicultural quarter with narrow streets, picturesque courtyards and original cafes. Here you can find everything to satisfy any taste. There are also many museums such as Picasso museum and Carnavelet (Museum of Paris history).

Marais is a charming place. We guarantee that you will fall in love with it at first sight.

Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter has its unique atmosphere. First of all, it’s a student’s quarter which was based in 13th century around the great Sorbonne University. In Middle ages Latin Quarter almost had a status of “state in the state” with its own rules and language (Latin, of course). Nowadays it still keeps the spirit of old times and that’s why it’s so exciting to explore this area. Numerous bars, cafes, flea markets and bookstores, elegant streets, French and international students, lively nightlife – this is Latin Quarter.

It’s also home to a beautiful Botanic Garden, Museum of Middle Ages and Paris Pantheon where many famous people such as Vaultaire, Rousso, Maria Curie are buried.

St Germain des Pres

You want to finish with fashionable, luxurious and sophisticated Paris? We got it. This is a favorite place of Parisian elite. Life here is easy and full of pleasure. The most notable attractions in this quarter are Musée d’Orsay with the best collection of impressionistic paintings ever, famous Luxembourg Garden and the oldest church in Paris – St Germain, built in 558! In St Germain de Pres you will find all the best: shops, legendary restaurants like Les Deux Magots, Café de Flore and Brasserie Lipp which has always been popular among famous writers, bars and clubs.

Tiny lovely streets going from the main street of the quarter are excellent for photo ops. Enjoy!


  • * The itinerary is subject to change


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Extra hours: If you are having a good time and want your One Day in Paris last a little bit longer, you are welcome to do that. Please note: You will be charged 40 USD per an extra hour.
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What you get:

  • + A friend in Paris.
  • + Private & customized tour.
  • + An exciting pastime, not just boring history lessons.
  • + An authentic experience of local life.
  • + Flexibility during the tour: changes can be made at any time to suit individual preferences.
  • + Amazing deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the very best cafes & restaurants. 
  • + A photo session amongst spectacular Paris scenery that can be treasured for a lifetime.
  • + An expert advice on what to do, where to go, and how to make the most of your time.

*This guided One Day in Paris tour can be modified to meet your preferences.