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  1. I am a passionate traveler. I grab every opportunity to go to the airport; I love to stay by locals that's why I say NO to all-inclusive.
  2. I love yoga. This is not just a weekly training, it's my style. It's the way a spend every day of my entire life.
  3. Recently I have turned my dream into reality. I wrote a song and lyrics and recorded it.
  4. Every winter I go to mountains for skiing. Next year I’m going to do it again and being honest it is still a challenge for me.
  5. I jumped with a parachute. It was almost three years ago but still I consider this experience to be one of the best in my life.
  6. I'm a coffee addict. I always look for a new brand of coffee.
  7. My favorite thing in life is the sea. I adore it!! Three years ago I decided to try being a real sailor and I took part in a regatta! Real sea, real sailing boat, real feelings!
  8. I was backpacking through Asia by myself almost for four months. This experience I will never forget
  9. Currently I'm learning German. Can't wait to practice my skills with natives!
  10. I believe in a smile. It is one of the best things as it works wonders.

I've been in:

The USA , The Great Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, , Vietnam, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Belorussia, Ukraine.