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  1. I'm an actress! I've finished the oldest theatrical institute in Russia. I honor and cherish traditions of Russian theatrical heritage of Shchepkin and Stanislavsky.
  2. I'm a singer! I work in Moscow musical theatre. So get ready to join me in singing on our tour.
  3. I'm a dancer! I'm fond of dancing, it is my passion.
  4. I'm a 100% product of USSR! My parents never would've met if not for the Soviet Union.
  5. Even though I'm blood-mixed, I feel myself Russian. For sure, to be Russian is a state of mind.
  6. I love to meet and explore different cultures as much as I love to introduce our culture to everybody else.
  7. I'm a vegetarian. So stay calm, I won't eat you.
  8. I'm sure that everybody should study history and geography. Without that knowledge you are blind and deaf.
  9. I speak Russian and Belorussian. Yes, these are two different languages!
  10. I believe that all you need is love!

I've been in:

Belarus, Kirgizstan, Ukraine, France, Denmark, Georgia