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Theater Goer

  1. I’m a dance lover. I’m a champion of Russia in ballroom dance.
  2. I finished the best university in Russia – Lomonosov Moscow State University with red diploma. I studied law, but I don’t work as a lawyer.
  3. In 2012 I made debut in Vienna Ball in Moscow.
  4. I took part in a social program which is called «Big Brothers, Big Sisters». The whole point of this program is that you become a volunteer of one of kids from an orphanage. I think that adults can and should help kids stay out of trouble.
  5. My passion is art. I’m ready to spend all my free time on going to museums, art galleries, lectures and art evenings.
  6. My favorite artist is Van Gogh.
  7. My favorite season is summer, I can’t stand cold weather, that’s why my dream is to move to the sea.
  8. I love travelling. My best trip has been to Jamaica. It was odd, vivid and inspirational adventure.
  9. I like reading books, I prefer classic literature.
  10. I’m upbeat. I like smiling, I’m an outgoing, modest and happy person.