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Wine Lover

  1. I can't live without traveling! My most recent journey was India.
  2. I don't like beaches and all-inclusive hotels etc… Only active traveling!
  3. I love skating so much.
  4. I cook the best pancakes in town :)
  5. I`m fond of art and admire people who draw.
  6. There’s no place I’d rather be than Tretyakov Gallery.
  7. I`m a girl but I hate shopping! If we go to GUM I’ll be waiting for you outside (joking: )).
  8. I`m sure that everybody can achieve everything he wants.
  9. I love sunny mornings.
  10. I`m really lucky to live in Moscow. I love my city.

I've been to:

Spain, Italy, India, Portugal, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey.