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Soak up the atmosphere of vibrant Lisbon!

Experience all the gems of the city: Lisbon’s attractions and dining hot spots. The oldest building, the oldest bookshop, and if you fancy, the oldest restaurant in city! 

Plenty of spectacular views and iconic places for photoshoot in one day Lisbon tour! Here's what in the menu for today:

*The itinerary depends on how many stops you want to make during the tour, and may be revised.

*The tour can be modified to meet your preferences.


1. Commercial Square / Victory Arch

2. Rossio Square

3. Restauradores Square and Liberdade Avenue

4. Carmo Square

5. Chiado

6. Bairro Alto

7. The Mouraria

8. Lisbon's Castle neighbourhood

9. Lisbon Cathedral

10. The Alfama


  • Unforgettable walking tour in Lisbon with your friendly local guide;
  • Experience the main attractions and best things to do in the westernmost European capital;
  • Feel the unique mix of history and modernity, styles and cultures;
  • Walk up and down through city hills;
  • Enjoy fantastic city views from numerous highpoints;
  • Listen to traditional fado songs;
  • Take a photo of famous Lisbon tramcars;
  • See typical Portuguese Azulejo mosaics;
  • Visit the oldest bookstore in the world;
  • Wander through narrow streets of Alfama.

Tour Itinerary:

Commercial Square / Victory Arch

Occupying 36 000 sq.m, Commercial Square is considered one of the biggest and most beautiful place in Europe. The square with all its buildings and Royal Palace was totally destroyed during the earthquake in 1775. But the new renovated square is not less beautiful. It is very popular touristic attraction and favourite place for citizens. Here many concerts and performances take place. You can enjoy a picturesque view of Tagus river.

Here you can also see famous Victory Arch decorated with bas-reliefs and statues.   


Rossio Square

For many centuries this square has been the main place for city events. It has seen inquisition executions, national strikes and festivities, bullfights. Now it’s the place with unique quiet atmosphere but lively in any time of day and night. Here you can find many restaurants, cafes and bars.

The square is famous for beautiful black-and-white paving stones and nice fountains. In the centre of square you can see 23-meter marble column with the statue of King Pedro IV who established the basics of Portuguese democracy.

There is also the National theatre built in 1840 in Neo-Gothic style. 


Restauradores Square and Liberdade Avenue

Just next to Rossio Square there is another famous place – Restauradores Square. It is connected with very important event for Portugal when in 1640 it was freed of Spanish government and became an independent country. In the centre of Square there is obelisk which symbolizes victory, freedom and independence.

Next hit the legendary Liberdade Avenue. It is one of the longest and the widest avenue in Lisbon. This street is full of fashionable and luxurious shops of world brands. That’s why Liberdade Avenue is called Portuguese Champs Elysees and it lives up to its moniker. There are also banks, modern offices, beautiful buildings, a great amount of cafes and restaurants, fountains and benches along the street.

Don’t forget to look down: the avenue is paved with colorful traditional mosaics.

Stop in for a delicious cup of coffee in one of the local Coffee Roasters. How about Quiosque O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo?


Carmo Square

Carmo Square is a place with cozy atmosphere if you prefer a more relaxing experience. Find your peace in a little park among wonderful jacaranda flowers. Carmo Square is home to all kinds of interesting places. There is an archeological museum, the building where the first Portuguese university was located, the headquarters of National police, and a beautiful fountain. Feel your stress melt away as you listen to the splashes of the fountain.

Among other highlights you will see is Covento do Carmo monastery built in 1389. It was the main gothic church of Lisbon. But the earthquake of 1775 left only ruins of this church and now tourists can take a look only at its saved parts.

By the way you can get to Carmo Square by famous Carmo (Santa Justa) Elevator which connects high-located Chiado district and low-located district Baixa. This elevator has a height of 45 meters and is considered a national monument.

From the elevator you can enjoy a breathtaking city view.



Chiado is a quintessential center of the cultural life of Lisbon and a scenic walk. There are many theatres, museums, galleries, art workshops, contemporary shops, antique shops. By the way the oldest bookstore in the world is located here. It is “Livraria Bertrand” store which was opened in 1732 and is still functioning and pleasing book lovers. Hidden in the maze of pedestrian streets in central Lisbon, this bookshop is a local gem with an excellent selection of all kinds of books in various languages.

In Chiado there is also the National Gallery, or Chiado museum. It has a great unique collection of paintings, sculptures and graphics made by Portuguese and world masters. During many years this quarter was the bohemian place. And you can still feel this unforgettable bohemian artistic atmosphere.

Now, how about Trindade? The oldest brewery and beer bar in Lisbon founded in 1836.


Bairro Alto

(the Upper Quarter, the heart of the nightlife, with gardens and great viewpoints to enjoy the views of the city)


This famous quarter is located on the high hill that’s why you will be amazed by picturesque city views you can watch from here. But the highlight of this quarter is its nightlife. At nights Bairro Alto becomes more lively and meets tourists and locals in highly acclaimed restaurants, bars and clubs. There are places to satisfy all tastes: from fashionable restaurants to small bars where you can listen to traditional fado music.

Feel the spirit, the hustle and bustle of the “City With a Future”, as Lisbon is often called. With richly-saturated night life you won't be stuck for things to do. 


The Mouraria

Mouraria is the oldest district in Lisbon. It is old Moorish ghetto and now it became the most multicultural district in the city. You will not see many tourists there. There are no museums, monuments and other tourist attractions. But it is the best place to explore the real life of locals.

You will see how and where they live, where they go and how communicate. You will see a unique mix of cultures. Visit one of restaurants or bars and be sure that you will be served like a local and taste the real Portuguese food.

Mouraria is the place to walk, to enjoy and to get unforgettable experience of exploring local life.


Lisbon's Castle neighbourhood

This is the place where Lisbon’s history started. This is the historical center of the city. The main attraction here is the old majestic St. George Castle. The castle has very long history. Its foundation was made by ancient Romans. Later in 7th century its architecture was changed by Visigoths and only in 1147 it became the official residence for Portuguese kings. The same year when Moscow was founded, by the way.

For a Roman choir visit Lisbon Cathedral and feel medieval spirit. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and deep fosses. It is located on the high hill and it means that the castle can be seen from every part of Lisbon.

Near castle there are many observation decks with fantastic views of the city.


Lisbon Cathedral

Being Lisbon’s oldest building, this cathedral has very interesting history. Firstly on this place there was an ancient Roman temple which was turned into Christian church by Visigoths in 4th century. Then Arabs ruined the church and built the mosque on this place. And only in 1147 in freed Lisbon the cathedral was founded. It has been modified many times, that’s why it has a unique mix of different styles.

There are elements of roman style, gothic, baroque, classicism and neoclassicism, rococo. Here relics of St. Vincent, the patron of the city, are kept. The cathedral is one of very few buildings which were not ruined by the destructive earthquake in 1775 due to its strong foundation and walls. The cathedral is located at the edge of Alfama district.


Oldest café in Lisbon (optional)

For a savory pie check out the historical Cafe Martinho Da Arcada, which seems like it hasn’t changed since it opened in 1782.

Typically packed with locals and travelers sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, this centuries-old café offers delicious takes on fish dishes.

A great location under the arcades on Praca do Comercio makes your food experience even more special.

After all, there’s a special charm about these oldest things in one of the oldest cities in the world.


The Alfama

If you don’t visit Alfama you can’t say you felt the soul of Lisbon. This district is extremely popular mong tourists. It has many elements of Moorish culture but nevertheless it became unique district of real Portuguese life.

You will be charmed with lovely narrow streets with chaotic layout and colorful houses with tile roofs. Here you can find many restaurants, markets, bars. There is a famous museum of Portuguese Fado so don’t miss a chance to know more about this Portuguese songs and of course to listen to it. Another famous place here is National pantheon built in 17th century.

Alfama is exactly the place which will make you fall in love with Lisbon.


Afterwards, why not sample some of the famed local experimental cuisine and drop into a quaint old coffee house of the Old World? Your tour guide will give you best recommendations. 


  • * The itinerary is subject to change


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*This 1 day Lisbon tour can be modified to meet your preferences.