16 Reasons Why Visiting Russia in 2016

Russia is having a historical moment – a moment that’s lasted for the last thousand years. Visiting Russia is always an adventure! Adventure into history, culture, food, traditions, people.

We collected 16 reasons why you should visit Russia in 2016.

visiting Russia

Moscow, Russia

Whether you are thinking of tours of Moscow and St Petersburg full of megapolis vibe. Or Golden Ring tour in Sergiev Posad, peaceful and relaxing place. Or you have bolder plans for places to visit in Russia, your travel to Russia will be The Experience.

Whether you’ll be amazed with people, like Angelina Jolie, or St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell, like Brad Pitt, or food, like John Travolta– you will remember your holidays in Russia for a long time.

Whether you’re visiting Russia in romantic and elegant autumn, expectedly cold  but exciting winter, sweet and inspiring spring or not-so-hot-as-you-can-imagine summer – this will be a very distinct travel., with a seasonal touch and lots of  great photos (our friendly local guides will take care of that).

Travel to Russia

Elegant autumn in Moscow

What’s the best time to visit Russia?

Typically packed with Russian and international travelers in summer, it’s late spring and early autumn when Russia comes alive before and after the summer crowds.

Some of the greatest pleasure of Russia is Russian winter, New Year and winter holidays after New Year (Jan 1-10). This is the time when the cold is exciting, hot cocoa is the most delicious, the skating rinks are the best way to meet locals and make new local friends, and the night is the best time to discover the secrets of the city.

If, however, Russian winter is not in your bucket list yet, try Russian Easter – Maslenitsa!

Maslenitsa is one of the few ancient pagan winter festivals that remained in Russia after the adoption of Christianity.

The holiday marks the border between winter and spring in the national calendar of the Eastern Slavs.
The dates of Maslenitsa change every year, depending on when the Lent begins. The main attributes of the traditional folk celebration of Maslenitsa are Maslenitsa scarecrow, fun, sleigh rides, caroling, and, of course, plenty of food. Maslenitsa offers delicious takes on iconic Russian dishes like pelmeni (dumplings), syrniki (cheesecakes) and bliny (pancakes, crepes).

During the Carnival festivities last a whole week. In Old Rus no holiday brought that much fun to people as Malenitsa did. It was believed that if you don’t have enough fun and amusement, you’ll be in grief for whole year. More than that, there is a list of activities of what to do every day during the Maslenitsa week.

Here are some other pros for traveling to Russia in 2016.  Come and celebrate these events, anniversaries and holidays with us. Russia loves celebrations!


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Visit Russia in 2016

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