Where Can We Travel after Coronavirus?

So many travel destinations… and all locked down now. Almost all countries have closed their borders and canceled lots of flights. How long will it last? Which countries will start opening up first? Where to travel after coronavirus? And which ones will be the safest to travel to?

Here are some of the most preferable countries to travel soon.

Japan. Photo by Belle Co:Pexels

1. Japan

Even with such high population density, the Japanese government have managed to minimize spreading of the infection.

Travel to Japan for its authentic culture, beautiful nature and kind people. There are a lot of places to visit such as Okinawa island with its unique culture different from all the other prefectures, Awajima island believed to be a place where Japan “started” and Miajima prefecture with thorium looking out the ocean.

From all travel destinations on this list Japan seems to be the most mysterious to us.

2. Russia

Comparing to Japan – Russia has a much bigger territory and lower population density. Russia is not your typical travel destination, but it’s gaining more and more attention every year, and for good reasons.

Russia is a great choice for travel because you can see and feel different types of climate – from subarctic to subtropical. Big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg have travel restrictions at the moment, but it won’t last forever and some believe you can travel to Russia after coronavirus as soon as in June-July.

Travel to Russia for rich history, architecture and culture. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway from one edge of the country to another. And, of course, get balalaika, matryoshka and shapka-ushanka souvenirs.

Cuba. Photo by Matthias Oben:Pexels

3. Cuba

The Island of Liberty has always been attractive to tourists. Tobacco and sugarcane plantations, rum and instagrammable architecture have made it one of the most desired travel destinations.

After the end of the lockdown, the Cuba’s colorful landscapes would help bring tourists back and we consider this country safe because of the regulated traffic and measures taken by the government.

Travel to Cuba to taste its great rum, experience the countries’ charm and see colonial cities.

4. Chile

Chile’s government, following other countries has taken strict measures to fight the virus so we can all travel there again very soon.

Chileans are very nice and kind, so don’t be shy to ask for help. There’re lots of fun places to visit, like Easter Island, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Seven Lakes and many more!

Traveling to Chile in summer is the best choice, because locals usually leave the country, making traffic lighter.

Travel to Bali
Beli. Photo by Artem Beliaikin: Pexels

5. Indonesia

Social isolation didn’t interfere the work of cafes and restaurants much, the places were mostly closed because of lack of clients. Bali is among one of the most preferable travel destinations after coronavirus.

Travel to Indonesia and Bali for amazing climate, nature, parties, cheap apartment options and tours to volcanoes.

6. Iceland

Iceland.is one of the safest travel destinations on the list.

Because of the cold climate coronavirus doesn’t spread much, all the infected cases came from the tourists. That is why Iceland has travel restrictions now, but once the lockdown is over – you can visit Iceland without any fear.

Travel to Iceland if you’re a fan of Nordic landscapes, pristine nature, glaciers and volcanoes.

7. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those travel destinations with the least coronavirus cases, which helps the country to successfully fights the problem.

Travel to Vietnam for exotic jungles and soft climate. Vietnam is considered the crossroads of multiple civilizations, so you will be amazed with rich local culture.

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