Top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Moscow

5 years ago it was almost impossible to find good vegetarian restaurants in Moscow.

But times change and nowadays the capital of Russia can easily make boasts of numerous cafes and restaurants for any vegetarian taste and budget.
All of the picked, tested and listed Moscow restaurants below are not a typical TripAdvisor’s list, and you most probably won’t find these places in your travel guide book.


5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Moscow

Who knows the city better than locals? Here is our insider’s recommendation on the best vegetarian cafes and restaurants in Moscow City. All of them are easy to find – they are all located in the downtown of Moscow, so you can combine a pleasant cultural walking tour with food experience.

Best cafe in Moscow

Fresh cafe in Moscow

Jagannath Cafes

You can try a lot of tasty dishes with beans or spinach, various vegetable soups,  dumplings  and sweets.

There is a vegetarian store inside the cafe where you can buy tea, all kinds of cereal crops and even green cosmetics.

Occasionally it hosts music festivals, so it’s a good chance to fill your mind and body with exquisite doof and music.

№446 in TripAdvisor’s list of the best Moscow cafes and restaurants, however we believe this place as much must-do when in Moscow, as Moscow Kremlin tour.

Vegetarian cafe in Moscow

Photo by Jagannath Cafe, Moscow

Avocado Cafe

Famous not only for its great location (Chistye Prudy) but also for extended international menu. You are welcome to try some seasonal chef’s specialties such as various pastas, risotto, onion soup  and of course fresh desserts.

After a good lunch you will find it delightful to walk down one of the most beautiful and atmospheric areas of the capital.

№330 in TripAdvisor’s list of the best Moscow cafes and restaurants.

Non-touristy cafe in Moscow

Photo by Avokado cafe

Fresh Cafe

This cozy place is charming for its atmosphere. You will just love to be there: green walls, relaxing music and of course delicious food! It has a marvelous view to a walking street and a small parking for bikes. There you can try fresh vegetable juices, fruit cocktails and smoothies. You will be surprised by vegetarian burgers and unusual mixes of salads.

After that the amazing walking street is waiting for you where you will explore the amazing contrastive combination of historical architecture, street art and modern boutiques.

№19 in TripAdvisor’s list of the best Moscow cafes and restaurants.

Vegetarian cafe Moscow

Photo Fresh cafe

Moscow — Delhi Cafe

Just absolutely stunning teeny tiny place, it offers three tables so if you are looking for an intimate atmosphere it is your choice number one. It opens the door in the evening when it is high time to have a peaceful dinner. You can try a lot of meals from India as the cook there is Indian!  Their desserts are of special taste.

The only thing to remember is booking in advance as the place is really small and really popular!

№114 in TripAdvisor’s list of the best Moscow cafes and restaurants.

Indian cafe in Moscow

Moscow-Delhi care. Photo by

Ludi kak Ludi

Though this cafe if not fully vegetarian its worth coming by. A great advantage of this place is that it is really authentic, non-touristy and very popular among locals. It’s not a restaurant  here you will look through the menu and wait half-an-hour for a waiter. Being a self- service café, it attracts young fashionable Muscovites who like to be active and busy. Vegetarians will find a number of proper food and for sure stay pleased and happy with the atmosphere and hospitality of this unique place!

№78 in TripAdvisor’s list of the best Moscow cafes and restaurants.

Most popular cafe in Moscow among locals

Photo by Ludi kak Ludi


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