Top 5 Cool Locations to Make Popular TikTok Videos

TikTok is now a trending, short-form video social media platform. It’s widely popular for its lip-syncing and entertaining videos. With over 200 million monthly users, most of which are teenagers and young people, this platform has shown tremendous growth in the past couple of years. In fact, it is not the sixth largest social media network worldwide surpassing Twitter, Snapchat, and even Pinterest. One of the top questions that comes to mind is what are the best locations to make popular tiktok videos?

If you’re thinking of creating a viral TikTok video, location is definitely one important thing to consider. For starters, you can use the platform to find some ideas of places that yield high interest. Next, you should use a TikTok video downloader that gives you a chance to thoroughly research what works with the audience – and what types of videos make it to the top.

Top 5 Cool Locations to Make Popular TikTok Videos
best location for tiktok vids

Location, Location, Location… How to Choose?

So, what are the top locations to make popular tiktok videos? Here’s an interesting fact –New York Times reported that most viral videos on this platform are shot in bathrooms. What does this tell you?

Any location on the globe can yield a viral TikTok video with the right idea and proper editing. Still, some spots leave a much stronger impression than others. When you’ve picked a great location for your new TikTok post, you’re already half-way there. People will be amazed by the view, and all that’s left for you is to do some storytelling. 

With that in mind, here are 5 amazing locations that you should visit if you get the chance this year – and make tons of viral videos while you’re there!

  • Maldives

It’s no wonder that the Maldives are attracting millions of people every single year – the place is marvelous! Every location you visit while there is different from the last one, unique, beautiful, and opportunistic in terms of photo and video-making. Definitely, one of the most revered locations to make popular tiktok videos.

Take for example, Mikki Tenazas. A Philippines’ TikTok user reaches tremendous popularity with a single video he posted of his stay in a resort in the Maldives. During the pandemic, he ended up at the Luxe Soneva Jani resort and posted a short video captioned:

‘’Is this the most awesome villa in the world?’’ 

Since that point, Mikki had over 37.6K comments and the video was liked over 11 million times. It’s basically one of those videos that broke TikTok, and the location is mostly ‘to blame for it’. 

  • Bali

The amazing sights, untouched nature, and hospitable people make Bali a must-see for everyone. This might just be the cheapest vacation you’ll ever have – that’s how affordable Bali can be. While there, you can make memories that will last you a lifetime, but also social media posts that will scream ‘likes and comments’.  

In Bali, there is an endless list of locations that are perfect for TikTok videos. People wait in queues to create memories with their cameras. There’s even a TripAdvisor tour that you can purchase to take you to all the TikTok locations. It’s a privately guided, full-day tour that allows you to visit things such as the Tanah Lot Temple, Pantai Tegal Wangi, Suluban Beach, and more!

  • Niagara Falls

Located between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, USA and Canada, the Niagara Falls takes you to two places at once. It’s the most unique spot you’ll ever find – offering unforgettable sights of three massive waterfalls named Bridal Veil, America, and Horseshoe. 

The waterfalls were formed during the ice age and even today, they are the most popular waterfalls worldwide. Attracting film crews, tourists, and influencers, this is the go-to spot for everyone who has a chance. If you go there, you can make viral videos by the waters. 

  • Yellowstone National Park

The home to the active volcano with tremendous power makes for an amazing story for your TikTok video. Visiting this location can give you plenty of stories to tell. Yellowstone is the most renowned and oldest national park on a global level, stretching over no less than 3,500 square miles. It goes from Wyoming to Idaho to Montana. 

This stretch of land will provide you amazing things to use in your videos from majestic springs and geysers near the volcano, to gushing alpine rivers, to deep canyons and photographable sun positions. Not to mention, you’ll get the chance to see trademark animals all around. 

  • Santorini

Greece has so much to offer to its visitors, but among the most unique places in the country is Santorini. This is the most picturesque village in the world, making it perfect for social media channels like TikTok. While there, don’t just take videos among the white houses and streets, but also take in the view of the volcano and the islands from one of the high cliff tops. 

Wrapping Up

It takes very little for a TikTok profile to go viral. In fact, it takes a single video with a great idea and quality to make you famous on social media. Location is a big part of this, so pick your destination first! With tourism now back on track, there are endless locations to make popular tiktok videos!

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