Top 20 St Petersburg Instagram accounts to follow

St. Petersburg is the romantic and cultural capital of Russia. Everywhere in town you’ll find mysterious lights, attractive buildings, soulful views. Therefore tourists usually go there to heal the soul and simply enjoy life. Discover St Petersburg Instagram accounts and see the magic of this city!

Additionally, citizens in St. Petersburg are artistic, creative and original, so some accounts in this list will definitely surprise you!

Before you explore them keep in mind that many texts are in Russian, but you can quckly translate them using updated instagram app.

So here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration of St. Petersburg.

Mikhail shows us the essence of the city in sunset light, in waves of Neva river, in massive clouds, ships and lovely towers. It’s obvious that he loves St. Petersburg fully and completely. So be prepared, it’s really hard to resist going there immediately.


This is really the Top St Petersburg Instagram account! Frequently updated, informative and diverse. The owner of this page selects new photos of real Petersburgers everyday. In addition, news and weather forecasts are updated in stories regularly. Useful and picturesque!

Professional photographers are like magicians. They know exactly what and how to capture. So feeling breathtaking is okay when you see such Instagram accounts. In his profile Ivan places both downtown and suburbs’ photos. Both from land and top, and that is really stunning!


Maxim reveals St. Petersburg from the inside literally. Facades and streets show you a lot, but the real treasure and history are covered in interiors. He shares all details about districts, furniture, flats, their own history and prices. Moreover, many posts have private family’s story and it’s really worthy of your attention. So enjoy uncovering the secrets in this St Petersburg Instagram account!


There is a different perspective of the city here. Roofs! They attract many young people and give them taste of freedom. You can taste it too through this Instagram profile. In addition, the author makes famous interior’s photos with history notes. So it’s the real St. Petersburg through its citizen’s eyes!


Next Instagram account is famous for phone-framed photos with hashtag #momentsoniphone. It looks brilliant and everyone can repeat that. Moreover, Igor inspires everyone to make photos using a phone’s camera and creates workshops about that. Except inspiring shots, Ivan keeps a regular lifestyle blog having discussions about real life matters. Sometimes he even recommends something touristic like the list of best terraces in St. Petersburg. So certainly this blog takes its place in our top!


This profile is owned by a true history lover. So if you want to know exciting city stories, read his notes below the pictures. He doesn’t write obvious facts that anyone can find, only the most mysterious ones. The author is also writing a book about Imperial St. Petersburg now. Looking forward to it, while enjoying his posts!


We can’t imagine St. Petersburg and Hermitage museum separately. Hermitage indeed makes this city the so called cultural capital. Everyday there are huge lines to see the main exhibition halls. The museum now becomes more and more interactive, and one of its improvements is the official Instagram. Here they announce exhibitions and events, post notes about unique art pieces. In addition, there are lovely photo series called “The Sun in the museum” probably made by the romantic museum employee. To sum up, it’s highly recommended to follow and get prepared for visiting Hermitage museum!


Every city has a keeper. They store its memories for many years. Like Woody Allen praises New York in his movies, Alexander Petrosyan professionally captures moments of life in St. Petersburg for no less than 16 years! Actually, the main heroes here are just people. We can meet them in usual routines and with usual behaviors in his photos. They are just living, and so this St Petersburg Instagram account does!


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Первые иероглифы осени? А с ними и мой долгожданный камбэк для двух с половиной оставшихся подписчиков!?✌️Лето выдалось невывозимо насыщенным другими забавами, со сладким духом бунтарства и моими традиционно протестными настроениями к инстаграму? Регулярный инста-детокс становится моей жизненной необходимостью? И самое время его свернуть в предверии любимого сезона!?? _ #spb #saintpetersburg #russia #rus_places #russiandiary #piteronline #photorussia #mskpit #spbgram #lovepetersburg #фотодляроссии #петербургналадони #этопитердетка #kudagospb #wonderful_places #city_explore #cbviews #edupiter #loves_united_russia #po_strane #landscape_russia #natgeo #natgeoru #natgeotravel #ig_europe #ig_worldclub #sonya7iii #sonyalpha

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Ekaterina calls herself a photo-maniac. And that seems to be true! Main city’s landmarks combined with magical lights. It’s never too much!


What’s special about this city? This St Petersburg Instagram account answers the question fully. Treasures of Imperial Russia, architecture, wide avenues, original bridges, wise and wavy Neva river, silent parks, canals and more. So follow if you want to understand why it’s attractive for everyone.


The next Instagram account reveals famous Petersburgers’ creativity and imagination. The art designer decided to fill the city with giant animals and dinosaurs. It looks really natural and maybe they appear at nights? Lol! So be prepared and see where you can meet them.


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Hi guys! Right now I’m just lying in bed basically unable to move because I had a great rehearsal today! ?? I guess too much ballet is bad for your health definitely! ? I wanted to write uplifting and motivating words beneath this photo but I’m looking for a motivation myself and didn’t find it yet! ? Probably sometimes when it’s too hard there’s no need to push that much further. Maybe it’s best to switch your mind to something different and start over tomorrow when it’ll be easier hopefully! I think it’s not necessarily about always concentrating on one most important thing. It’s about finding the right balance so that you have enough physical and mental strength to make the most of your work during the longer period of time ????‍♀️ Hope you guys are doing well today! I wish you to not be too tired and to have supporting people around you and beautiful small things happening! ? Thanks for the beautiful picture always wonderful @darianvolkova and amazing @dariamalahova ?❤️ #mariakhoreva

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The top St Petersburg’s attraction is the performance in Mariinsky Theatre, the main Opera And Ballet House of Russia. A lot of tourists every year comes here only just to see it. Culture lovers agree in dancers professionalism and that their performances are the best in the world. To discover what’s behind it, follow Maria Khoreva. She was a student at the Vaganova Ballet Academy and now is a dancer in Mariinsky Theater. The real ballerina’s life, trainings and stunning photos. Good to know and a pleasure to see it!


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❓Почему Исаакиевский собор был построен только с четвёртой попытки? ❓Какие технические новшества применены в строительстве Мариинского дворца? ❓В чём уникальность памятника Николаю I ? ❕Об этом вы сможете узнать на экскурсии «Четыре жизни Исаакиевской площади». . ?Встречаемся завтра, 6 октября, в 12:00. . ?Билеты по ссылке в сохраненных сторис (раздел ИСААКИЕВСКИЙ). . ?ВАЖНО: Экскурсия будет проходить на улице, поэтому одевайтесь по погоде (можно взять с собой стакан горячего кофе или термос с чаем). Ждем вас!? . #петербургглазамиинженера #афишаспб #экскурсииспб #исаакиевскийсобор

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If you are in fond of buildings, you’ll get a new vision of St. Petersburg’s architecture in next account. It’s not just lions and golden staircases. How about Leningrad modernism? Historic railroad stations? Anatomy of bridges? Really informative and entertaining Instagram profile!


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Друзья! Хотим представить вам еще одну новинку сентября — выставку «Безусловное присутствие» Ивана Коршунова. ⠀ В творчестве этого художника видится возвращение к библейским сюжетам и манере старых мастеров. В некоторых работах Ивана явно ощущается тяга к приемам караваджизма, но при этом он говорит в своих картинах о дне сегодняшнем, создавая своего рода современную притчу. ⠀ Проект «Безусловное присутствие» — с 19 сентября в музее Эрарта. ⠀ #erarta_exhibitions #erarta #erarta_museum #эрарта #эрарта_музей

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Another highly recommended to visit both place and its Instagram. The private modern art museum can show to the public whatever they want. Started with local artists’ exhibitions, now they became really famous and ask well known artists, photographers and sculptors to come and share their vision. Erarta museum is really interactive and conceptual, so everyone likes it!


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Опустевшее Марсово поле – верный признак холодов и окончания лета.. давно не вижу там никого с пикниками, круассанами и клубникой.. ⠀ Кстати, сама там ни разу пикников не устраивала, и вообще стараюсь не ходить через центр поля, и часто обхожу по краям. Предрассудки или нет, просто как-то не тянет меня туда??‍♀️ ⠀ Может кого-то сейчас удивлю, но Марсово поле – это кладбище в центре Петербурга. Здесь находятся захоронения жертв революции и политических деятелей времён 1917-1933гг. Место для пикника так себе? ⠀ Причём, это информация не из разряда "а знаете! поговаривают, что тут было кладбище?", а вполне себе определённый исторический факт.. такие дела.. ⠀ Слышали об этом? Что думаете? Погост в центре города, по которому ежедневно ходят люди, всё лето загорают, устраивают пикники и посиделки с собаками и гитарой?

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St. Petersburg in this Instagram account is sentimental, melancholic and soft through girl’s eyes. She doesn’t make professional photos, but still they are amazing. This St Petersburg Instagram is realistic and gentle in every moment!


Along with Mariinsky theatre, architecture, bridges and white nights there is the another landmark in St. Petersburg. Surprisingly they are porches or “paradnye”! The reason is that it was common to combine the beautiful architecture with beautiful interiors in 19 century. In addition with cool photos the author also gives addresses, so you can easily come there and see it yourself!


Besides city photos, the owner of this account, Victor is fond of war photography. He captures St.Petersburg primary from the sky making very atmospheric and breathtaking shots. Take a look, he has something to surprise the followers!

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Наконец, рыночные отношения! Старый Василеостровский рынок превратился в фудмаркет нового поколения. Открытие сегодня. Адрес: Большой пр.ВО, 16. Что вас там ждет? ?Тазики фо бо и манго-шейки от легендарных Bo. ?Мудреные роллы и боулы от Subzero. ?Авокадо-бургеры и брускетты в Avocado Point. ?Крабовый фастфуд в Crabs are coming. ?Паровые бао и пирожные моти в Bao Mochi. ?Свежие устрицы в Fisha. ?Индийские лепешки и масала в Indisko. ?Фалафель, хумус и ближневосточные радости в Easy Hummus. ?Пицца и паста в Pio Nero. ?Тако и буррито в San Diego. ?Бургеры от «Бюро». ?Прогрессивное вегетарианство в «Зеленом саду». ?Десерты и напитки с матчей в Love you so matcha. ?Кофе от Mad Espresso Team. #рейтингуй #ресторанныйрейтинг

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Bridges and museums seem beautiful unless you’re hungry. Finally, a really practical and yammy St Petersburg Instagram account. Wondering where to get your love confession (or president’s portrait) printed on a cappuccino? Wanna try, for example, mushroom ice cream or corn flakes with purple milk? In attached post there is a list of places in Vasileostrovsky food market, a brand new fashionable eating place in town. So use it fully and enjoy your meals in St. Petersburg!


Wherever you go in St. Petersburg you’ll always meet painters drawing on the streets or selling their works. St. Petersburg houses the best Art Academy in the country, many artists and even the production of watercolour. This artist’s Instagram account has a lot of drawings of St. Petersburg. Lovely and romantic! In case if art is your hobby, you can even find online workshops there. So definitely recommended!

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