Top 10 Moscow Attractions and Places

Where to go and what to do when visiting Moscow? Top 10 Moscow Attractions and Places are following!

Start with the most beautiful places in the Moscow city, including Soviet skyscrapers, Kremlins (yes, we have more than one) and some charming cathedrals.

Here are our 10 must-see places to visit in Moscow. And here are Top 10 places to visit in Russia (just saying ;).

Top 10 places to visit in Moscow

1. Hotel Ukraine

is one of the oldest and most beautiful hotels in Moscow. Majestic building of 33 stories high is a monument to Soviet-era masterpiece.

Hotel Ukraina is the second tallest Stalin skyscraper in Moscow, after the main building of Moscow State University. The hotel was built in 1957 and was named in honor of General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev’s homeland.

At that time it was the largest hotel complex in Europe. In April 2010, the hotel was opened after extensive restoration under the new name “Radisson Royal”.

2.  Church of the Intercession in Fili 

one of the best representatives of the Moscow baroque, 1690-1693.

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Church of the Intercession in Fili, Moscow

All external decoration of the church is white stone. Carved white parts are clearly distinguished on a brick wall. The whole church is covered, like foam, with delicate patterned decorations. Wide architraves with speakers on the windows, columns at the corners of the quadrangle and octagons, carved pediments (“rooster combs”) finishing every facet tiers – all this creates a feeling of airiness and lightness.

The interior of the church is not less impressive. Wooden carving adorns not only the high iconostasis, but also windows and arches, and choirs, and lodge, and the walls themselves. It is assumed that all the woodwork was performed by the team of Belarusian artists.

3. Kazan cathedral

was the place where Catherine the Great was proclaimed the Empress, and the same very cathedral destined to be destroyed first during Soviet time

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Kazan cathedral in Moscow

It’s hard not to talk about Kazan Cathedral on Red Square, as it’s #1 in top things to do in Moscow.

Historically, the Kazan Cathedral first opened its doors 260 years ago, on April 26, 1755, when it was a solemn prayer service in honor of the opening of the Moscow University. The cathedral became the parish church of the institution.
In 1812. here received the blessing Kutuzov before the war with Napoleon, and the Cathedral was the first monument to Moscow Patriotic War.

On your Russian tours  Moscow & St Petersburg have many similarities, Kazan Cathedral is a good example. Try visit both cathedrals in both cities to have cool shots for comparing.

4. The Kremlin

The most powerful, intriguing, mysterious, gorgeous and romantic place in Moscow. Best in early morning.

visit Moscow in winter

Moscow Kremlin in winter

The Moscow Kremlin is by far the largest fortress in the whole territory of Russia, as well as the largest preserved fortress in Europe.

50 billion US dollars, or 1.5 trillion Russian rubles is what Moscow Kremlin is estimated at, according to an Uphill consulting group.

5. Izmailovo Island

is the former royal mansion built in XVII century in Moscow, Russia. It was the gift of Ivan the Terrible to Romanov family.

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Izmailovo Island, Moscow

Izmailovo island is one of the most peaceful and green areas of Moscow, which houses the remains of the royal manor Izmailovo. Few people know about this interesting place, much less those who attended.

Izmailovo island was artificially created in the mid-17th century. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich ordered to join the Silver and Grape ponds, what resulted in the creation of the royal residence.

6. Novodevichy Convent 

Temple of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God, 1524-1525.

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Temple of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God

Novodevichy Convent in Moscow was founded 490 years ago, on August 10, 1524. The construction began under the decree of Prince Vasily Shumsky in honor of the victory in the war with the Lithuanians. The monastery was a fortress, surrounded by thick walls with 12 towers.

7. Smolensk Sennaya Square

Famous for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one of Stalin skyscrapers, and Arbat street nearby.

Soviet places in Moscow

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, Russia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (MID – Ministerstvo Inostrannykh Del) was built in 1948-1953 years. The central building includes 27 stores, the building height is 172 m. The building completes the panorama of the Borodino bridge, forming a square.

A characteristic feature is the huge emblem of the USSR on its facade. Coat of arms is located at an altitude of 114 meters and covers an area of 144 square meters.

The original design of the building did not have a spire, but later the plan was modified. The reason for the changes is not precisely known, but according to common legend, it was on Stalin’s personal order. Calculations have shown that the building would not stand a stone superstructure, therefore the spire was constructed of sheet steelter Stalin’s death architect Minkus wrote a letter to Khrushchev asking dismantle the spire what Khrushchev allegedly replied: “Let steeple remain a monument of Stalin’s stupidity”.

Foreign Ministry building is the only one of seven high-rise buildings, whose spire is not crowned with five-pointed star. The probable reason for this is that the spire of the building was very fragile and could not withstand the weight of the star.

8. Wooden cupola of the Izmaylovo Kremlin

Izmaylovo Flea Market and Vernisage

Izmaylovo Kremlin, one of the most beautiful places of Moscow

The architectural ensemble of the Izmailovo Kremlin resembles the royal residence of the XVI-XVII centuries. The Kremlin is located on a hill, so the white stone walls, painted cupola, dome wooden church, the blades of a windmill, fabulous, toy looking roofs are visible from afar. There is quite a bit of everything in this Izmaylovo complex: from flea market to the museum of vodka, so you won’t be bored.

The observation deck offers a view of the Silver-Grape pond and Izmailovo island with preserved buildings of the XVII century.

9. Novodevichy Convent

The bell tower and chapel-tomb, built in 1690

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Bell Tower in Novodevichy Convent, Moscow, Russia

This is one of the most amazing in its beauty architectural monumentы of Moscow, and is the highlight of our Moscow City Tour. The story of Novodevichy Convent is closely connected with the tragic human destinies, including the royalty.

There are at least 3 legends explaining the origin of the name of the monastery. One of the most popular one is that during the time of the Mongol yoke the tribute was paid not only with money, but also with Russian beauties. Young girls (devitsi) were brought to the field where the best were selected. Over time, the field became known as the Maiden field –  Devichy field

10. Mukhulin

a Russian hidden gem, a small town located in Moscow region, founded in the XII century. 

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Mukhulin city, a Russian hidden gem

In 1339 the first Mikulinsky Prince Michael was only six years old. He got possession of the city of Mikulin from his father, who was executed in the Horde.

In 1354 Michael took the government of Mukhulin in his hands. Since that time, the city became the center of principality, which lasted for six generations over 146 years.

These were some of our ideas hwo you can have the best out of off the beaten path of Moscow.

What 3 places from this list would be among your must do places when in Moscow?

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