One of 7 Hills in Moscow

Why to visit:

Ivanovskaya gorka is the high point in the center of Moscow, located in the east of the White city. It is one of the 7 hills Moscow stands on!

Off the beaten path in Moscow

Ivanovskaya Gorka in Moscow city center. Photo: Mosday

Facts about Ivanovskaya Gorka:

  1. Ivanovskaya gorka is the true architectural conservancy area! People from all over the world come here to feel Russian spirit, the wide Russian soul.
  2. The territory is outlined by Maroseyka, Pokrovka streets, Solyanka and Lubyanka streets. They are connected by lanes where traffic is historically inactive. Pokrovka and Solyanka are a mecca for cozy cafes and restaurants.
  3. Large vertical drop of unique hilly areas with greenery creates a unique landscape, constantly used by many artists and cameramen in their works.
  4. Close to the point you can see the famous Ivanovsky monastery, which was established in the 15th century.
  5. Feel like a Russian and be immersed in Middle Ages of Russia.
  6. Unveil the secrets of the White Town of Moscow and see more than 10 churches and temples in this neighorhood of Ivanovskaya Gorka.
  7. The large elevation of the unique hilly areas with green spaces creates a unique landscape, constantly used by many artists and cameramen in their works.
  8. Once you explore the neighborhood, indulge in unparalleled cuisines in nearby restaurants: Georgian cuisine at Natakhtari and Khinkali Point, Armenian cuisine at Noev Kovcheg, Spanish cuisine at Pub Lo Picasso and French cuisine at Zan Zhak, Mexican cuisine at Casa Agave, Indian cuisine at Darbers and Chinese cuisine at Mandarin.lapsha I Utki. Wow, that is quite a gastronomic adventure!

How: on our Moscow Must See Tour.


  1. This place is best in spring.
  2. Trek in style in the footsteps of Russian socialite and explore the place in the morning when all ordinary people are their ordinary work and you have all the area for yourself.

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