5 Cheap Things To Do in Moscow

Cheap things to do in Moscow or How to save money?

What to do in Moscow in one day and do it for almost free?

Here are 5 things to do in Moscow for less than $4. Let’s start with…

Russian breakfast

  • Cafe «Pirogi» in Kitay Gorod offers pancakes with cottage cheese starting from 159 rubles, $2.8.

    Russian cuisine on food tour

    Pirogi cafe. Photo by Pirogi cafe

  • Vegetarian cafe “Jagannath” has a bit of everything: Indian, Chinese, European, Mexican and Thai! Various locations all around the city center and breakfasts starting from 180 rubles, $3.2, make this place a yum start of the day!

    Russian breakfast

    Jagannath Cafe. Photo by Jagannath Cafe

Here is a full list of 10 breakfast restaurants in Moscow we collected for you. All are very Russian, very local, with great atmosphere and amazingly beautiful interior.

Moscow Metro

Moscow metro got its first 500 000 visitors 80 years ago, on May 15, 1935. Nowadays, 9 million people use metro every weekend.

Apart from being so popular, Moscow subway is also so beautiful! There are 12 lines with 196 metro stations total so far, and 44 are considered as objects of historical significance.Most beautiful stations are: Mayakovskaya and Belorusskaya on green line, Revolution Square and Arbatskaya on dark blue line, and almost every single one on Ring line, which is brown.

Here are 30 fun facts about Moscow Metro.

A metro pass for one ride is 50 rubles, $0.9. Moscow metro is very generous in terms of distance – with this one ride pass you can go anywhere, to any station, any time, any distance. You can spend all day underground actually making your Moscow metro tour a lifetime experience. And who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to discover Metro-2? Maybe it’s not a myth?

Moscow Metro Tour - most beautiful stations

Moscow metro. Photo by doconline.com

Coffee Crawl

Since March 2015 Russia is a full member of the International Coffee Organization, which means Moscow is taking coffee seriously, and you might want to take a sip in the most trendy coffee place of Moscow.

What coffee do locals drink? – you might ask. The answer lies in the most popular place among locals – Gorky Park. Coffee & the City place offers Americano for just 98 rubles. $1.7. The lowest price in town. Considering, the friendly service, location and pure spring water that they use for their coffee, this coffee place is awesome.

For more coffee ideas check our list of 11 best coffee shops in Moscow.

Gorky Park

After re-freshening and energizing coffee, wander around Gorky park, the central Moscow park which has won heart of millions of Russians and recently has become Russia’s first world-class park with 250 000 visitors on weekends. Free entry, free Wi-Fi coverage all around the park, art, sport, dance, yoga zones. More about why Gorky Park is fun.

Bike, rollers. scooter and velomobile rentals start at 200 rubles per hour, $3.6, and just 100 rubles, $1.8, for every extra hour.

Photo ops in Moscow

Gorky Park Moscow

Insta worthy places in Moscow

Gorky Park, must see of Moscow

Nature nooks in Moscow

Peaceful atmosphere in Gorky Park, Moscow

Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve

From fun Gorky park move on to historical Kolomenskoe, one of the most ancient places of Moscow. The items of Stone Age (V-III millennium B.C.) were discovered here. The total area of 254.6 hectares used to be Dyakovo settlement, an ancient Russian village back from XI-XII centuries. For ancient atmosphere you might want to take a Golden Ring tour, by the way.

Plenty of gems are scattered all around the park. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Church of the Ascension, built in 1532, a masterpiece of Russian and world architecture, a UNESCO monument. Entrance fee: 100 rubles, $1.8.
  • House of Peter I in Kolomenskoye, the only Moscow memorial museum built in 1702 in honor of the outstanding and revolutionary Russian tsar. Entrance fee: 150 rubles, $2.7.
  • Palace of the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, XVII century.

A monument of art and brightest period of Moscow Tsardom, often referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the Word.

24 chambers of the Tsar’s, Tsarina’s and Tsareviches’ (the Tsar’s sons’) towers all have unique vibrant interior. Pre-Petrine Russian traditions, combined with high skill of masters, ornamentality, authentic prototypes create a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Entrance fee: starting from 150 rubles, $2.7.

Friendly Local Guides

Kolomenskoe Museum Reserve

Kolomenskoe Museum Reserve

Ancient Kolomenskoe park in Moscow

For more ideas what to do in the Russian capital, check out 21 fun things to do in Moscow.

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