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Want to do off the beaten path in Moscow?  How about all-in-one entertainment: dance salsa, row a boat in a pond with funny red ducks, explore ancient Russia in the Chapel, admire the architectural monuments, feel the atmosphere of Soviet past and dream about big near the sculpture “To the stars”? Then this cozy nook in Moscow is for you. Here are fun facts about Ekaterininsky Park Moscow.

Cozy Nature nook in Moscow

Things to do. Ekaterininsky Park. Photo

Facts about Ekaterininsky Park in Moscow

  1. Ekaterininsky park is one of the tiniest parks of Moscow, with an area of ​​just 16 hectares. In comparison, Gorky Park is 119 ha, and the biggest park of Moscow is Izmaylovsky, which is 1534 ha big, or almost 100 times bigger than Ekaterinisky park : )
  2. Though so tiny, the park is very picturesque, especially in summer, with lots of brides in dazzling white dresses all around the park.
  3. Ekaterininsky park has the official status of a gardening heritage.
  4. Until the 16th century there was nothing on the territory of the Catherine Park, except Samotechnaya or Naprudnaya river (hence the name of the streets and squares around).
  5. In 17th century here appeared a mansion, which in 1807 was rebuilt in the construction of Catherine Institute – hence the name of this beautiful place.Here was located one of the first Russian universities for women.
  6. Her Empress Ekaterina II visited Ekaterininsky park several times.
  7. According to legend, in the rotonda of Ekaterininsky park «Empress liked to drink tea with Count Saltykov. Lemons to their tea party were grown in a nearby greenhouse”.
  8. Trees in this park were planted in 19 century! So you can see the same trees that Russian Tsars saw ; )
  9. In 1965 the Museum of the Soviet Army is built here, with arms exhibition in the open air.
  10. In the park was built a chapel in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky and the martyr St. John the Warrior
  11. The cozy pavilion here was designed in a traditional Russian architectural style and is right in front of a huge pond!
  12. At the pond, you can find a restaurant with a gorgeous outdoor terrace and golden tablecloths on the tables.
  13. The pavilion and pond are one of the most popular spots for photo shooting in Moscow.
  14. Close to the park is the museum of Russian military and Suvorovskaya square, named to commemorate Aleksandr Suvorov, a great Russian general, one of the grandest leaders in Russian history.
  15. Tennis courts, a football field, greenhouse and planetarium are also near here, just hiding somewhere : )
  16. During the summer people dance hustle, salsa and boogie-woogie here. Sometimes they organize free lessons for everyone.
  17. It is one of the few places in Moscow, where true representatives of old Moscow intelligentsia create a special atmosphere. They come to the park for look for inspiration, communicate with peers, read poetry to each other and feel the nostalgic sixties.
  18. Ekaterininsky park has a unique combination of nature, ancient times and Soviet past of Russia, like the monument to the Conquerors of Space “To the stars”. If you are more into the Space theme, then Space Obelisk, Space Museum and Cosmonaut Alley near All Russia Exhibition Center is all for you.
  19. The park is open 7-00 to 23-00, with free entrance and 200 rubles for 30 minutes boat rental.
  20. Just 5 minutes walk from Dostoyevskaya metro station. This is a new station, with shiny marble, and images of the heroes of Dostoevsky’s books on the walls. When you exit the metro you find yourself face-to-face with the Theater of the Red Army – a great remnant of the Soviet past.

How: on our 2-day tour. 

Tip: Rent a boat in summer and enjoy a little Russian picnic in the middle of the pond.

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Off the beaten path Moscow

Things to do. Ekaterininsky park. Photo

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