Most Beautiful Bridges in Moscow

Can you imagine Moscow travel without a walking bridge experience? Or a Moscow boat trip? We can’t! Of all things to do in Moscow bridges always add a bit of romance to your city exploring, as well as iconic views, wonderful photo ops and this special feeling of… adventure!

Moscow Bridges

Some of city’s bridges serve as highways, others were built for metro needs and all the rest represent Moscow attractions and marvelous masterpieces of art,  surely worth reading about.

How many bridges in Moscow? What Moscow bridge is the most beautiful? The most romantic? The oldest? The longest? Join us on our Moscow city tour!

Moscow attractions

Krymsky Bridge in Moscow

Interesting facts about Moscow bridges:

  • The total number of bridges in Moscow is 450.
Beautiful views in Moscow

Romantic views of Moscow

  • For romantic views Moscow offers you: 34 bridges over the Moskva river, 70 bridges over the Yauza river and 7 metro bridges
  • The longest and the highest bridge (1460 m.) is Zhivopisny Bridge.
  • Krymsky Bridge (688 m.) was considered to be the longest bridge in Europe in 1938.
Bridges in Moscow

Crimean bridge in Moscow

Gorky Park, Moscow

Iconic places in Moscow, Gorky Park

Romantic Moscow - Moscow bridges

Walking bridges in Moscow


  • Abramtsevsky train bridge is the shortest one, just 10 m!
  • Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge is located in the place of the previous oldest temporary bridges in Mocow. Its modern version was built in 1938.
  • Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge is the first stone bridge over the Moskva river. (it was demounted a few times and was rebuilt again)
  • Luzhnetsky metro bridge is the place for the longest platform of metro station – Sparrow Hills (272 m.) One more fun fact about its shape – it has two floors; upper one is for cars and lower one is for metro.
what to do in msocow - moscow walking bridges

Moscow travel with walking bridges


  • Gorbaty Bridge (Curved bridge) – originally it was built 200 hundred years ago over one of the inflows of the Presnya river that doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Luzhkov Bridge is the most well-known place among local sweethearts who usually hang a lock with their names here in order to perpetuate their love.
  • Bohdan Khmelnitsky Bridge – named after the famous Ukranian leader of the 17th century this place became the record holding bridge for the most number of simultaneously kissing couples. 2,226 people shared a kiss there on the 16th of February 12 years ago.
What to do in Moscow

Moscow cathedral, views from the walking bridge


Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge (Big Stone Bridge)

Actually nowadays this bridge is not stone, it’s made of steel and it locates right in the centre of Moscow, connecting the western end of the Kremlin with Zamoskvorechye (beautiful historical area).

Modern bridge got its name after the previous one that was made of stone. Can you imagine that the old bridge was much wider than some of the streets in Moscow in those days and one can find shops and pubs on its edges.  During the 18th century it was damaged by a great number of floods and became unstable and dilapidated. A little bit later the government decided to demolish it.

The existing bridge was completed by 1938.

Moscow river cruise

Good photo ops in Moscow


Patriarshy Bridge

Being one of the youngest pedestrian bridges in Moscow this beauty is a popular place for walking as it is situated right opposite the Christ the Savior Cathedral spanning over the Moskva River and Vodootvodny canal.

This place is also well-known among newly weds, one can see a lot of locks with the names of couples who want to perpetuate their love for ever, this bridge is quite similar to Luzhkov bridge that is located closer to the Kremlin. It’s also great for night walks as the bridge and cathedral are illuminated with hundreds of stunning  lights.

Moscow boat trip

Moscow river cruise


Krymsky Bridge (Crimean Bridge)

An interesting fact about this goodly one is that it’s the only suspension bridge in Moscow.  It was constructed in 1938 being a part of Stalin’s reconstruction of downtown Moscow. It spans over the Moskva river having Sadovoe Kolco highway (Garden Ring) atop.

things ot do in moscow - walking bridges

Moscow bridges – romantic thing to do in Moscow


Pushkinsky Bridge or Andreevsky Bridge

This beautiful pedestrian bridge over the Moscow River connecting Pushkinskaya Embankment and Frunzenskaya Embankment was build not that long ago – in 1999-2000 – using some of the constructions of the old Andreevsky rail bridge erected between 1905-07.

The best  time to visit it is at night because its fantastically illuminated  and its fabulous shape will remind you of fairy tales. This bridge is an awesome viewpoint to downtown Moscow leading to the Gorky Park – t he off beaten path to Moscow night life and fun.

Best places for photoshoot in Moscow

Red October cluster in Moscow


Zhivopisny Bridge (Picturesque bridge)

Its hard not to mention one of the most impressive bridges in Moscow – Zhivopisny Bridge. (Picturesque bridge)

Located not in the downtown, this futuristic arch is one of the most popular bridges in Moscow just because this first cable-stayed bridge is the highest (about 105 m. high, 1,5 km long, 37 m. wide) bridge of this kind in Europe leading to one of the largest natural parks in Moscow (Serebryanny bor — Silver bore).

On top you can see a disc object resembling  UFO that firstly meant to be a restaurant but later turned into a register office for marrying couples. A nice place to get married, don’ you think?

moscow travel - night views from the bridge

Christ the Savior Cathedral at night

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