Top 10 St Petersburg Restaurants

They say that St Petersburg is a cultural capital of Russia. But it’s also the best destination for cozy St Petersburg restaurants!

Yet still it’s rather cloudy and rainy here. What can you do on a rainy day not to fall in depression? Right, go to cozy downtown St Petersburg restaurants! Together with friends or just on your own – it’s all your choice, in St Petersburg you’ll definitely find a place to your liking!
More than that – a cozy art-cafe is a must see Saint Petersburg!

Our local guide Valery visited the coziest cafes and restaurants in St Petersburg, and here’s what we picked up.

10 coziest cafes and restaurants in St Petersburg


St Petersburg Russia

St Petersburg restaurants – I’m thankful for today


  1. Cherdak Khudozhnika (Painter’s Cellar) – 1/28 Lomonosova street

The coziest fondue-restaurant under the roof at the attic. The most pleasant place to listen to the music of rain and drink hot caca0. The terrace is decorated with flowers and lights and faces the Bank Bridge and old authentic St Petersburg roofs.

Uniqueness:  The most tasteful and favorite dish here is different kinds of fondue: cheese, chocolate and surprise – fondue from the chief.

Cafes in St Petersburg

Cherdak cafe St Petersburg

St Petersburg Cafe in

Cherdak cafe Saint Petersburg


  1. I’m THANKFUL for today – 24 Gorohovaya street

Small territory of the restaurant makes it the atmosphere of a private party. Even if you’ve come here alone you will find a good friendly company. In warm summer evenings open windows make you feel yourself like in the cozy European street. Or else drop in here with our local guide on a St Petersburg walking tour, and enjoy the company of cheerful locals!

Uniqueness:  Panoramic windows, great choice of music, “embracing atmosphere”

Restaurant St Petersburg

Petersburg restaurant – I’m thankful for today

Restaurants st Petersburg

St Petersburg restaurant – I’m thankful for today


  1. Ziferburg – Passage Shopping Center on 48 Nevsky prospect, last floor

Art-café in the center of St Petersburg looks like a seaside café, with real lighthouse and seagulls under the ceiling. It’s divided into several zones: library, seaside, light-house, music hall . You will enjoy your time drinking cappuccino, chatting with your friends or a stranger and listening to an old piano, which stands in the middle of the room, or even play board game and mafia in the evening.

Uniqueness: different musical instruments, old books, retro things are everywhere and you pay just for the time you spend there.

Cafe St Petersburg

St Petersburg cafe Ziferburg

Restaurant in St Petersburg

St Petersburg cafes – Ziferburg

Cafes in St Petersburg

Saint Petersburg cafe – Ziferburg


  1. Schastye (Happiness) – 55 Nevskey Prospect, 24 Malaya Morskaya Street, 15 Rubinstein street

The name of the restaurant speaks for itself. It’s a restaurant, a bar and confectionary in one place, together with happy music and happy atmosphere. Three restaurants which are situated in three different great streets have one thing in common – making you happy. Doesn’t matter which one you’ll choose you will definitely feel yourself happy if you come here.

Uniqueness: “Don’t worry, be happy” vibe. Just go to “Счастье” and you’ll feel it at the entrance.

best cafes in st petersburg

St Petersburg restaurants – Happiness

Best cafe st petersburg

St Petersburg restaurant- Happiness


  1. Jazz Bar House # 7 – 7 Griboedov Channel

Ideal place for jazz-fans. Live jazz-concerts  are held here every evening. Tasty dishes to any taste, great wine and pleasant music, what can be better to spend an evening in the most romantic city in the world?

Uniqueness: Saint Petersburg is the city of jazz, as you know. And this place is completely full of jazz atmosphere.

jazz bar st petersburg

St Petersburg restaurant Jazz Bar #7


  1. Mickey&Monkey – 27 Gorohovaya street

New unique place by Coffee Room with loft-interior, big windows and bright chandeliers, palms, foods from different parts of the world and the most tasteful smoothies and candies in Petersburg. The music set will make you use ”shizam” all the time that you’ll spend there. By the way, you pets are not forbidden there (for those who can’t imagine themselves without their little friends)

Uniqueness: atmospheric and bohemian place, favorite among the youngsters.

Cafe St Petersburg

Mickey&Monkey Cafe St Petersburg


  1. CheerDuck – 5 Nahimova street

Bar-café in modern style with yummy offerings and bar. Every Friday you’ll enjoy life-concerts! There are even parties for children!

Uniqueness: the cutest duck ever – Cheer – will meet you at the entrance!

st petersburg restaurant

unique St Petersburg cafe – CheerDuck

restaurant in st petersburg

St Petersburg cafes – CheerDuck

Restaurant St Petersburg

St Petersburg cafe CheerDuck


  1. Cat’s Republic – 10 Yakubovicha street

In a rainy autumn day it’s so pleasant to hug a cute warm kitten… But what should you do if you don’t have a cat? Then come here –  to the Cat’s Kingdom. Don’t be surprised, it a real café but your neighbors here are fluffy purring creatures.

Uniqueness: cats, cats, cats

Cozy cafe st petersburg

Photo by Cats’ Republic. St Petersburg cafe

Cozy cafe in st petersburg

Photo by Cats’ Republic. St Petersburg cafes


  • 9. Dachniki  – 20 Nevsky Prospect

Made with a real Soviet atmosphere, this restaurant is a favorite place among both Russians and foreigners. Homemade soviet cuisine: pelmeni, pancakes, traditional soups  and salads.. Old Soviet films and cartoons…different elements of Soviet interior – all that makes you feel yourself like a child at a Granny’s  country-house.

Uniqueness: Soviet atmosphere and tasty homemade dishes.

soviet restaurant st petersburg

St Petersburg restaurant. Photo by Dachniki


  1. MY ZHENATY (WE ARE MARRIED) – 11 Rubinstein street

Unique place for book-lovers and those who like to spend time in a cozy place with their friends. The café is divided into 2 zones: the first room is a café-library, with wooden furniture and book shelves full of books to any taste, the second room looks like artist’s lounge place. Delicious dishes and pleasant quiet music make it a special place.

Uniqueness:  a library and a lounge in one café.


fun restaurant st petersburg

St Petersburg cafe WE ARE MARRIED

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