Soviet Attractions in Moscow

Gorge on Russian Soviet attractions in Moscow with various options of museums and galleries, cafes and restaurants, parks and squares.

Moscow was the capital of former USSR and that is why nowadays it still brilliantly keeps the atmosphere of Soviet times, like no other city in Russia. First stop: #Stalin and #Lenin.

Soviet places in Moscow

Soviet tour Moscow

See Stalin Architecture

The downtown is famous for having plenty of Stalin buildings impressing you with massive, huge, elaborate, expressive and remarkable constructions. Every building is different and has its distinctive feature. See the plae where Lenin lived for quite a while. Bloody historical. And that’s just a start! Plenty of Stalinism and Cold war era on our Soviet tour in Moscow.

Soviet things to do in Moscow

Moscow State University

Take Metro

Embrace the Soviet past with a Metro tour.

– 44 stations of the world heritage;

– From the very first year of its existence it was an architectural lab where the best Soviet architects, sculptors and artists experimented with the new Soviet style;

– Ambitious monuments, elaborate decorations and Soviet symbols and music.

After all, Tours of Moscow and St Petersburg are simply inamaginable without Metro.

Soviet things to do in Moscow

Soviet Moscow – Stalin skyscraper

Kamchatka Bar

An iconic place! Roll into Kamchatka where the front page of your story could be: “First, I had a shot of vodka in Siberia. Right in the center of Moscow”.

It provides you with a unique Soviet atmosphere: Russian vodka, pelmeni and bliny with caviar . What can be more Russian?


All Russia Exhibition Center, Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy. VDNKh (or VVC) to Russia is what Central park is to NYC or Golden Gate Park is to San Francisco. What this place lacks in nature and greenspace, it makes up for in immense historical and cultural heritage.

But, honestly, it has no analogues in the world. The complex includes more than 500 permanent structures. 49 of them are the objects of cultural heritage and pride. Nowadays it is one of the largest exhibition areas in Russia comprising  marvelous pieces of Soviet art like a famous Soviet landmark – “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” monument, a great number of monumental exhibition halls, Friendship of Nations fountain and more.

Watch the gleaming shades of gold as the first rays of sunlight hit the fountain. Slip into the golden Soviet era to the music of Russian past.

Soviet places in Moscow

Soviet Russia

Hold your Breath at Yuri Gagarin Monument

Yuri Gagarin is a Russian national hero. At a time when the space race was a bellwether of national prestige in the Cold War, 27-year-old Gagarin became the first person in space on 12 April 1961. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev compared him to Christopher Columbus.

Walk through Muzeon Park of Arts

Are you more art, yoga, nature repeat? Hit one of the finest parks of Moscow – Muzeon. The park through the eyes of locals is a creative space that provokes ideas and inspires. Muzeon can be described in 5 words: nature, art, music, chill out and original exhibitions of Soviet leaders and attributes. Gorky Park is also a must-see.

Read Books

In the RUSSIAN STATE LIBRARY representing Soviet architecture and being the largest in the country and the fourth largest in the world. It holds a unique collection of national and international documents on 367 different languages, 150 000 maps, 350 000 notes and records, rare books, dissertations and much more.

Soviet places in Moscow

Soviet Moscow – Red Square

Observe the City

From SPARROW HILLS OBSERVATION DECK (aka the highest point of Moscow) a breathtaking view of whole Moscow is in front of you, State Moscow University is behind and admirable park all around. This moment will change your life.


Enjoy GUM

Trading House. Located right in the middle of somewhere called Red Square, this place is impossible to miss. Welcome to the whatever-you-want land: authentic Russian food, Soviet style café and stylish modern coffee bars, Russian Matryoshka dolls, classy Russian grocery store, vintage clothing boutiques, historical fountain, glamourous brands, beautiful Russian souvenirs … three rows and three stories of all types of awesome! Consider staying here forever when you try their very special old-fashioned delicious ice-cream.

Soviet Moscow - GUM

Soviet Moscow – GUM

Soviet places in Moscow

Soviet Moscow – Gum store

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