3 Days in San Francisco

Only 3 days in San Francisco?

This itinerary will unveil all the big sites from Golden Gate Park and Alcatraz to best places for dining and party.
All main San Francisco attractions and cool things to do in the city here for you. Mission San Francisco in 3 days is possible!

Cable Car tours

San Francisco Cable Car

Day 1

Preparing for a trip to San Francisco remember: it is a very unique place in the World, which is impossible to see within a couple of days. This ocean city has absolutely everything: starting with woods and hills ending with a cliff surrounded by ruins. Its food vendors offer all the meals you could only dream about. Its shopping malls and luxurious boutiques have everything you saw in fancy magazines. Wandering around San Francisco you can find yourself in a small Italy or in a colorful Asian town. Catching a world-famous Cable Car you can get to the streets with small restaurants, where an exquisite wines will remind you of France. Make sure you have enough time to explore every corner of the city that you will never forget.

San Francisco things to do

Cable Car San Francisco

Taking a break from work, loud and stuffy cities or just a boring everyday routine, get a head start at Lands end. Its trail opens breathtaking views to the Ocean and a Golden Gate Bridge. Here you can feel the breeze, inhale fresh air, hear the waves constantly approaching the shore, watch birds and just relax. Taking a little walk along the ocean you get to Sutro Baths, which used to be a public swimming pool, now are the ruins surrounded by the water. There is an amazing world-known restaurant called Cliff House with ocean views where you can enjoy you meal or drink in style.

things to do in San Francisco

Shopping in San Francisco

One of the biggest must see attractions of San Francisco city tour is a Golden Gate Park. Just for you to know, every park in San Francisco is a small city, which can be of a huge interest for adults as well as for children. This park is situated on a territory of 400 hectares. It offers a wide range of activities and most visitors come back the second day to find more things to be surprised with. There are museums, gardens, windmills, children playgrounds, boathouses, a tennis court, a baseball field, and even a dog run. There are also ten lakes where you can ride catamaran or rent a boat. The most popular is Stow Lake. It has Strawberry Hill with a wonderful view to the city and a waterfall with a lot of birds singing beautifully for interested audience.

San Fran coffee

Morning in San Francisco

Day 2

For those who are into nature, flowers, plants, woods and ponds, the most exciting place to go – is a San Francisco Botanical Garden. It is divided into many areas, each having its own purpose or representing a different country.

Located right in the center of San Francisco Twin Peaks is one of the world’s most stunning observation spots. If its not foggy this never-ending canvas of small houses, high business blocks, roads, trees, hills and waters takes you far away from all of your worries, and you just stand there breathless realizing how happy and touched you are.

10 things to do in san francisco

Sn Francisco nature nooks

Getting to the Northeastern part of San Francisco, soaking up the ambience of a crowded, but very friendly port area – Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 can take you into the atmosphere of a non-stopping life full of happiness and joy: loads of smiley people, restaurants and small shops with souvenirs. Not far from it Ferry Building Marketplace with all its jewelry, clothing and food shops opens its doors for visitors on the weekends.

Quite an experience would be a visit to a popular island, which was also a security prison for most dangerous criminals for over 28 years – Alcatraz.

As a final and a bright completion to your two days in San Francisco can be the time spent in downtown.

Cafes San Francisco

San Francisco cafes

Day 3

San Francisco Memorial Opera House would be a magnificent place to have a so-called “cultural” night out, as well as a big range of museums like Exploratorium, Asian Art Museum, Museum of the African Diaspora – for a visit within in a day. For special concerts and performances search for Great American Music Hall – the oldest and grandest club with remarkable interior design. For loader music, dancing and a more fun place for youngsters find Mighty, Bootie SF or more spacious and glammed Ruby Skye nightclub. On a day light walking in downtown can be also exciting. Union Square is a must see and very attractive for tourists with its biggest shopping malls like Macy’s and Nordstrom as well as glamorous boutiques in all the streets around.

San Fransisco Giant Stadium with its classic design was chosen to welcome sport oriented population or just fun-lovers and be a great completion of a short visit to the most fabulous city in California.

things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco city views

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