Rooftop Tour in Saint Petersburg – Unique Experience for Photographers

How about a lifetime experience in Russia? The easiest way is to take a Rooftop Tour in St Petersburg.

Meet Andrey Markin, our guest photographer in Saint Petersburg today, and here are…

21 cool photos of St Petersburg from the rooftop

rooftop tour in St Petersburg

Rooftop city view in Saint Petersburg

rooftop tour in Europe

Rooftop fun in St Petersburg

1. Hey Andrey! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a student in SUT, Saint Petersburg, I study Multichannel Telecommunication Systems there. Right at the moment I’m working on my geolocation startup.

Private rooftop guide in St Petersburg

In between rooftop climbing

2. How did you come into photography?

Never was a photographer and never even tried to become one. Everything happened when I started exploring the steep places and architecture of the city.

St Petersburg rooftop tour with private guide

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg at night

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

3. How would you describe your style?

Street/urban photography.

St Petersburg observation platform

Kazan cathedral in St Petersburg

4. Why rooftops?

Roof is sort of magic … When you climb on them, you feel completely different feeling than on the ground. All these old attics, rusty roofs, towers … It’s very fascinating.

I’ve never been afraid of heights, i’m a climber. Sometimes it’s really breathtaking, especially when there’s no attic and you just have to climb to the roof :)

St Petersburg off the beaten path tours

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

5. What is your true inspiration in life and photography? What/Who do you admire?

I am very inspired with city climbing, I admire New York. Two of my favorite instagrams are @heavy_minds и @insighting.

6. Your thoughts when photographing?

I take all the pictures with my iPhone :D I love the city lights when the sky is overcast. The idea is to make a final picture very clear and at the same time a bit intricate.


Unique photo shoot in Saint Petersburg

Palace Square in St Petersburg from rooftop

Unusual St Petersburg

City views of St Petersburg

cool experience in St Petersburg Russia

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

7. What was your best photo shooting in Moscow or Saint Petersburg?

My favorite picture is the picture with a statue of a lion sewn into the house in St Pete, it was very unusual and beautiful. From that moment I realized I should move on in this direction.

St Petersburg through the eyes of locals on private tour

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

8. I’ve learned the most from… 

only my own experience.

cool experience in Russia

Guard of the Town

9. Which five words would your friends use to describe you?

Carlson, roofer, chimney sweep, instagramer, ruftoper-spb :D

St Petersburg for photographers

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

10. What are TOP 3 places you would like to visit in life? Why?

As I mentioned earlier, I love New York to the bone, I want to go there and explore the entire city bit by bit. Second place I will give to Sydney, Tokyo would be the third.

11. What kind of events, activities, places do you attend in St Pete? What was the latest event you visited?

I do not go to any events. The only one I wanted to catch was the worldwide Instamit that took place in St. Petersburg, but I overslept :)

I’ve never attended any master classes, and my opinion is that the true photographer should come to everything himself.

Most photogenic places in Europe

Panoramic views of St Petersburg

12. What is important for you about rooftopping?

Magnificent views, urban vibe, atmosphere.

Most photogenic places in Russia

City views in St Petersburg

Photo guide to St Petersburg Russia

Sunset in St Petersburg

13. What is the best rooftop in St Petersburg for city views?

Top city skyline views from the Azimut hotel. Apart from Azimut, it’d be any high point on Nevsky Prospekt.

St Petersburg Photo Guide

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

14. Any fun story from your experience.

Once we were chased by a tenant with an ax who was attacking us on one of the rooftops. Psycho :D

St Petersburg photo tourism

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

15. In 3 years… What will you do?

Photos of roofs. Keep on being a Roof Ninja :)

Photography in St Petersburg

St petersburg adventure tours

16. Why do you like Saint Petersburg? 

The city has a soul. Petersburg is actually a grim city … Gloomy sky vents something strange into the air … If you woke up one day and realized that you are “imbued with this spirit” of the city, there’s no way out. It will be with you forever.

Best views of St Petersburg Russia

Rooftop photography, Saint Petersburg

17. What is most important for you when travelling?

Good weather. Comfort.

St Petersburg photo tour

St Petersburg views of Neva river

If you are interested in a memorable photo experience in Moscow or Saint Petersburg – here is our photo tour that you can book.

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