Mysterious places in St Petersburg

Non-Touristy and mysterious places in St Petersburg

Follow us to the most fun things to do in Saint Petersburg – mysterious places! The most adventurous St Petersburg city tour.

Every city has some unusual magical places illuminating energy. So, if you make a wish in such place it’s bound to come true. Saint Petersburg is not an exception.

The city celebrated its 313 anniversary a couple of months ago, and has collected a huge number of mysterious legends about different places and buildings.

Many people are afraid of narrow and dark streets with unexpected turns and dead ends, legendary palaces and wells with the ghosts, creepy parks. St. Petersburg is rich in mystical places –  visit them to refute or confirm the legends.

St Petersburg night tour with all the highlights

Saint Petersburg at night. Photo by Calipso

Mysterious places of Saint Petersburg

  • Griffin’s Tower in the Vasilyevsky Island with its numbers carved all around the red brick tower can enclose the code of the universe. The Tower was built by famous pharmacist William Pell. At a daytime he produced and sold medicine and in the evening he practiced black magic. In this tower he kept griffins, the wonderful magic birds.
  • The sphinxes can be found all around Saint Petersburg. One of the most famous of them can be found on the University Embankment, originally from Egypt, 3500 years old. Their facial expression changes throughout the day. It’s completely different in the morning and in the evening.

    Sights of Saint Petersburg

    Griffins of Saint Petersburg. Photo

  • All those Egyptian sphinxes, old mysterious courtyards and houses of famous and mysterious people of Saint Petersburg, such as a house of the Queen of Spades or Michael’s Castle, makes this city incredibly unusual and magnetic.
  • Mystical forces roam at the foot of the famous monument of The Bronze Horseman for many years. Strange energy is still noticed by scientists even nowadays. By the way, the monument reminds the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • The Karelian-Finnish epic “Kalevala” describes how the evil spirits of water have their Sabbaths on the banks of rivers. And once a a poor fellow accidentally got in one of such Sabbaths. He was able to save his life only by enchanting mermaids with his playing on kantele. One of the places where the water vermins held their Sabbaths was the site of the current Mars Field in St. Petersburg. Evil aura of this place exacerbated in the XX century with the disposal of dead Bolsheviks. Tough it’s not a typical must see site on tours to St Petersburg, it is the place that is very symbolic for Russia.

If you are not a fan of black magic and don’t want to explore scary places here are some places with light magic in Saint Petersburg where you can make a wish  (just a few of them).

Streets of St Petersburg on our walking tour

Beautiful Saint Petersburg

Historical buildings and landmarks of St Petersburg on our walk

Historical Saint Petersburg

11 places in Saint-Petersburg to make a wish:

  1. Monument to Peter 1 in the inner yard of Peter and Paul Fortress. Monument is made in rather specific style and the head of the sculpture is made from the imperator’s death mask and all its features are perfectly true to life and look very realistic. This surely brings the mysticism to this monument, as it contains a part of Peter the Great himself. You should hold his finger and make a wish. They say wishes after that come true. Dream big, Peter I was no ordinary person!

    Peter the Great is one of the greatest people of Russia

    Monument to Peter the Great. Photo

  2. The Bronze Horseman. This hilarious monument after Peter the Great also has great magical features. Legend has it that if newcomers want to settle in Saint-Petersburg they should stand under Peter’s 1 outstretched arm and ask for blessing and permission to live in the city. Peter most certainly will bless you for your new life.

    St Petersburg must see - Bronze Horseman

    The Bronze Horseman. Photo

  3. Chizhik-Pyzhik on Fontanka. Chizhik Pizhik is a crafty fellow. This statue is one of the smallest in St. Petersburg with the height of 11 cm. If you want something badly, you need to throw the coin in such  a way that it is left lying on the pedestal of the monument, or hit the bird’s beak.
    Throwing coins for luck in St Petersburg, statue of Chizhik Pyzhik

    Statue of Chizhik Pyzhik

    Chizhik Pyzhik - the smallest monument of St pEtersburg,

    Statue of Chizhik Pyzhik. Photo

  4. Monument after a Hare. There was a legend about a hare which jumped in Peter’s 1 boot during the flood and then escaped. That is why the island where Peter and Paul Fortress is situated was named Hare Island. A hare sits on a low pile where marks of floods are indicated. To make your wish come true you should be standing on the bridge and throw a coin to the paws of the animal.

    Unusual monument in St Petersburg

    Monument after a hare. Photo

  5. Fountain “Rotating Ball Waterfall”, located in Malaya Sadovaya Street, can show you the month when your secret wish is going to come true. If you stand with your back to the Catherine’s Garden and with your face to the ball in sunny weather you can see a keyhole created by surrounding buildings’ reflections. They say you should turn with your back to the fountain, make a wish and throw a coin over your shoulder. The number of a step on which the coin has fallen is the number of month when you wish will come true. Let’s pray for number 7, July is just the right time for dreams come true, right?

    Rotating Ball Waterfall 0 fun things to do in St Petersburg

    Fountain “Rotating Ball Waterfall in Saint Petersburg

  6. Fountain near the Admiralty. Many fountains in Saint Petersburg make wishes come true, just about all of them. But this fountain which was built among the first ones in the historic center of the city is the most powerful. People who come here always throw coins and make wishes to return back to Saint Petersburg. Whatever your wish is stand so that the building was in front of you, and a fountain behind, make a wish and throw a coin over your head. Then move on without looking back!

    Fountains of St Petersburg, Admiralty building

    Fountain near the Admiralty. Photo

  7. The Bridge of Kisses. Bridges in Saint Petersburg also have magical powers and listen to your wishes. If you kiss someone on that bridge, this person will surely come back to you. Just married people also come to that bridge on their wedding day. They should cross the Bridge of Kisses kissing each other along all the way. Moreover, the newlyweds should start kissing on the one side of the Moyka river and stop on the another side. It guarantees a long and happy family life. You want a happy life? You’d better be good at kissing!

    Potseluev Bridge in St Petersburg

    The Bridge of Kisses. Photo

  8. Bank Bridge. When you walk on the bridge you should ask for a wage increase or success at your work or business. There is also a belief that rubbing the paw of one of the griffins may make you rich. Maybe that’s why they are the shiniest of all monuments in Saint Petersburg? If you put your hand into the mouth of one of the winged creatures it will give you best chances.

    Bridge tour of St Petersburg

    Bank Bridge. Photo

  9. Telamons on Palace Square. Newly married have a belief that if they come there in the wedding day and hold the Telamons’ toes, their marriage will be happy and their children will be beautiful. They also believe that it is the Telamon which is second from the side of the Fields of Mars that has the most powerful energy and can make all your wishes come true with his left toe.

    Telamons, another fun thing to see in St Petersburg

    Telamons on Palace Squareю Photo

  10. Alexander Column. One of the most famous and mystical places in the center of the city which also makes your wished come true. You need to have a walk around the column thinking about your wish and its magical power will surely attract positive energy to make it true.

    Palace Square of St Petersburg - city's downtown

    Alexander Column on Palace Square in Saint Petersburg

  11. Lions of Vasilevsky Island. One more fun place is for unmarried people to make a wish about future husband or wife. They should kiss lion’s nose which is situated there and make a wish to meet their one and only.
    Statue of lion on one of the boat in Petersburg

    Lion Statues of Saint Petersburg.

    Mysterious St Petersburg at night

    Lion Statues of Saint Petersburg. Photo

The city has a wonderful aura indeed, which makes people fall in love with this city once and forever.

Come and check it yourself on our tours!

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