7 Best Russian Restaurants in Saint Petersburg

Based on our guests’ experience on St Petersburg tours, restaurants in Saint Petersburg seem to be very different from Moscow restaurants.

Whether it is an original name, the superb taste and flavor, exotic interior or cozy atmosphere, it feels like there is more soul in St Petersburg restaurants.

Be ready for socializing with locals, yes, socializing, because all of these places are very VERY social and very friendly!

Top 7 Russian restaurants in St Petersburg

1. Vkus Est restaurant

Using local products Vkus Est translates many famous dishes into a completely new category. Classic farmhouse suluguni in their version takes consistency of tender custard with caramel crust.
Sour taste of cranberry crackers adds some spice to salty cream cheese and jam made from Crimean onions leaves a sweet aftertaste of wine. Ideal for red wine.

Every weekday 20% discount on the entire menu from 13:00 to 16:00.

Address: Neb. Fontanka 82

Average check: 500-2000 rubles

Hours: 13:00 to 23:00

Where to eat in St Petersburg

Photo: Vkus Est

2. KoKoKo restaurant

KoKoKo creates a multi-piece dish in which native Russian ingredients alter the texture and acquire new sound, temperature forms and flavors. Seasonality is the restaurant’s main feature. In summer, chef uses wild berries, herbs, fresh farm vegetables and fruit, in winter – traditional salted, smoked, cured and dried ingredients.

Among the main courses you can meet here fried catfish with crispy bacon, crispy couscous, mashed fresh herbs sauce and marinated tomatoes; stewed pork belly, roasted to a crisp with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut stewed dried fruit sauce with cognac Demiglas.

For a dessert try jelly chicory with condensed milk and hazelnut whipped cream with brandy, dried cherries and a pinch of cinnamon or liver mousse with crunchy Antonovka waffles, meadowsweet ice cream, pickled apples, frozen cranberries, caramelized hazelnuts, dried berries, pine cones jam, powdered sugar with taste of pine needles and snowflakes mints.

There is a menu of homemade liqueurs and spirits, and a classic wine section – a drink of Old and New World, as well as domestic wine.

Address: Nekrasov street, 8

Average check: 500-2000 rubles

Hours: 12:00 to 24:00

Best restaurants in St Petersburg

Photo: KoKoKo

3. Na Zdorovie restaurant

Na Zdorovie will surprise you with a wide choice of pelmeni: beef, pork, lamb, wild boar meat, mushrooms. The secret of their delicious and juicy dumplings is that they are cooked with love and care by Russian grandmother Seraphima right in the restaurant.

Velvety taste of black tea with jam and honey, various pastries, bagels and meat pies will make you feel at home.

Their moonshine is made from several types of currant, cranberry, cranberries, strawberries, beets with the addition of various spices and herbs, making it healthy in its own way.
Every Saturday in our restaurant held rally samovar moonshine!
Get complimentary sauerkraut, pickles and bacon when you order spirits.

The restaurant of Russian and Soviet cuisine. 50 varieties of traditional Russian beverages. Every day bright performances of Gypsy ensembles add up to ethnic atmosphere.

Lunch deals start from 180 rubles.

Address: Bolshoy prospect PS, 13/4

Average check: 500-2000 rubles

Hours: 12:00 to 24:00

Best St Petersburg restaurants

Photo: Na Zdorovie restaurant

4. Russian Vodka Room № 1

Russian restaurant and the Museum of Russian Vodka combined in one place. Meals are from different historical periods of Russia.

Try smoked sturgeon with cream sauce, suckling pig stuffed with buckwheat and mushrooms. duck cooked in Russian oven with sauerkraut and Antonovka apples, stuffed pike perch from ancient Russian recipe.

It should be noted that the name “Russian Vodka Room №1» is well deserved here: only here you can try the unique 213 varieties of Russian vodka!

After the meal, you will be able to visit the Museum of Russian Vodka. Spacious room with a unique antique exposition will get you to the unique atmosphere of the XV century, when the monks of in Moscow managed to brew alcohol for the first time. The guides will tell you about the origin of vodka, the Russian-dinner habits, curious facts about wine, and after this amusing tour you will be invited to taste several varieties of the national drink with traditional Russian snacks: crunchy pickles, sandwiches of Borodino bread with lard or sprat.

The restaurant Russian Vodka Room №1 is the first place in St. Petersburg to try traditions of Russian tea ceremony.

Here you can taste the best varieties of tea, brewed in the classic teapot and in a siphon.

Address: Konnogvardeyskiy Boulevard, 4

Average check: 1000-3000 rubles

Hours: 12:00 to 24:00

We understand that your Russian tours – Moscow & St Petersburg – are directly associated with vodka, and you’ll have a huge choice in both cities.

A friendly tip here: the only thing that really matters when drinking vodka is – who do you do it with.

Traditional food in St Petersburg

Photo: Vodka Room restaurant

5. Tryn Trava restaurant

Trin-Trava is  a chain of restaurants serving traditional Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg. In Moscow the same chain has the original name Elki Palki.

The legendary wealth of Russian table, healthy food and reasonable prices. The interior is done in the picturesque Russian style: high-quality wooden furniture, combined with the design in the style of Russian village monastery and a cozy home-like atmosphere.

Their legendary carts are the highlight of the restaurant. Outstanding buffet with unlimited food included! The cold dishes card with is 399 rubles, hot dishes – 499 rubles, the cold+hot – 699 rubles.

Breakfast specials start from 95 rubles.

Address: Malaya Konyushennaya Str., 9

Average check: 500-1000 rubles

Hours: 24 hours (technical break: 7: 00-8: 00)

Best places for dinner in St Petersburg

Photo: afisha.ru

6. Tsar

Restaurant Tsar is famous for its imperial cuisine and interior. The restaurant is located among former rich aristocratic manor houses with gardens and orchards along Fontanka river.

Tsar offers delights of the royal cuisine and historical interior of XIX-XX centuries. You can send a postcard from Tsar restaurant, take a photo with the portrait of Emperor Alexander III or other legendary pictures from Russian palaces now hanging on the walls of the Tsar.

Apart from savoring your royal Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Kiev, you can also learn a bit of history about them here.

Address: Sadovaya Str., 12

Average check: 2000-3000 rubles

Hours: 8:00 am to the last customer

Black caviar in St Petersburg

Photo: Tsar


7. Apartment №55

It is a pleasure to have breakfast in the morning, in the afternoon, if you work nearby, quick and inexpensive lunch and in the evening, leaving the car at home, you can take a nip with a friend, drink a glass of wine with a friend or a hearty dinner.

On weekdays, from 12.00 to 16.00 Appartments offer a discount on all the menus of 20%. Business lunch is from 180 rubles.
From 9 to 12 hours you have several options for breakfast, starting from 120 rubles.

The wine list of the restaurant on Vasilyevsky Island boasts more than 100 wines.

Interior of the Appartment is executed in designed in a cultural minimalism. The space is bright and cozy at the same time.

Address: 1 Line, 36, daily from 09:00 to 06:00

Average bill: 500-1000 r.

Authentic restaurant in St Petersburg

Photo: Apartment 55

best dessert places in St Petersburg

Photo: Kvartira 55

where to eat in St Petersburg

Photo: Kvartira 55

best wine places in St Petersburg

Photo: Kvartira 55

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Which St Petersburg restaurant would you like to try?

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