10 Reasons to Visit Moscow in 2017

Visiting a major European destination like Moscow is an event on its own, but when the capital of the biggest country is celebrating its 870th anniversary, it’s going to be really big! Here are 10 reasons to visit Moscow in 2017.


  1. 870th Anniversary of Moscow

First mention of “Moskov” town goes back to 4th of April of 1147, as it has been preserved in Ipatiev chronicles. And it’s said that prince Yury Dolgoruky met his relative Svyatoslav Olgovich with his supporters and friends there. That’s why this date was chosen as a date of foundation of Moscow. But historians assume that Moscow is about 1000 years old and it was founded much earlier than 1147. Anyway, make sure you come to Moscow for great celebrations in the beginning of September 2017.

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things to do in Moscow 2017

Winter fun in Moscow

  1. Openning of Zaryadye park

Excellent news for park lovers: in August of 2017 there will be opening of new park with artificial climate technology. It will be called “Zaryadye” park in memory of ancient Zaryadye district that occupied this area in medieval times.

In Soviet period all buildings inside this area were demolished to give place to 8th Stalinist skyscraper that have never been built here as a result. In 60-s terrific “Russia” hotel was erected in Zaradye, but was demolished in 2006. And now we all can’t wait till this new beautiful and comfortable urban area welcomes its first visitors.

things to do in Moscow 2017

Yury Dolgoruky, the Founder of Moscow

  1. 680th Anniversary of Trinity-Sergiev Lavra

The largest monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church with a long history. Located in the center of Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, on Konchury river. It has the status of Stauropegic. The Holy Trinity Cathedral of the monastery keeps the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the founder of the monastery.

The date of foundation of the monastery is considered to be the desert village of St. Sergius of Radonezh on Makovec hill (70 km north-east of Moscow) in 1337. After several years of solitary asceticism of St. Sergius, new monks came here and turned deserts into a monastery.

In the Middle Ages, the monastery played a prominent role in the political life of the North-Eastern Russia; It was a mainstay of power and the people. Don’t miss a trip to Sergiev Posad.

things to do in Moscow 2017

Sergiev Posad Lavra

  1. 520th Anniversary of Coat of Arms of Russia

Historians associate the double-headed eagle as the coat of arms of the Moscow principality with Tsar Ivan III, when the state finally acquired full independence from the yoke of the Golden Horde. In 1747 the sealed state documents for the first time. It was the first document in which the two-headed eagle was used as the national coat of arms, and Moscow celebrated its 600-year anniversary.

things to do in Moscow 2017

Kremlin wall and guards

  1. 100th Anniversary of Great October Revolution

October Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd completely turned the history of Russia and became perhaps the biggest historical event in the twentieth century, as it influenced the course of the world history.

The Provisional Government was overthrown by the participants (mainly the Bolsheviks) under the control of Lenin, Trotsky and Sverdlov, which, as a result, led to the Civil War, the establishment of Soviet power and the Communist regime. Take a Soviet tour to plunge into the controversial Russian history.

things to do in Moscow 2017

Red Square, Moscow

  1. 80th Anniversary of “Stalin’s purge”

The darkest of anniversaries in 2017. 80 years ago on July of 30th, 1937, NKVD issued an infamous order № 00447. The document instructed to carry out the operation on the repression of “anti-Soviet elements”. The list includes all former kulaks, members of the White Guard and Cossack organizations, criminals, etc. The most dangerous of them was supposed to be shot, the other to punish. The order marked the beginning of a huge tragedy.

The meat grinder of Stalin’s repressions during the period from August of 1937 to November of 1938 in total hit 770 000 of people with 390 000 of them executed and 380 000 exiled in the camps.

things to do in Moscow 2017

Kremlin cathedrals and Tsar Cannon

  1. 140th Anniversary of “Swan Lake”

To call this ballet a masterpiece is an understatement. “Swan Lake” became one of the most significant works of the world ballet and made a Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky one of the greatest composers of all times. Premiere took place on 4th of March of 1877 in Bolshoi theatre. Today “Swan lake” is one of the most popular ballets ever. Don’t forget to book tickets in advance and see the original version in the Bolshoi theater.

things to do in Moscow 2017

Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

  1. 60th Annivesary of “Khruschyovka”

On 31st of July of 1957 Nikita Khruschev ordered to build a new type of apartments all over USSR. The idea was to provide an apartment for each family. That’s how era of the so-called “khruschovka” (unofficial name of this type of apartments) started. It is typically a 5-storeyed panel building with super small units, with kitchen and bathroom inside.

With no exterior decoration and lack of any design, it looks like a grey box with windows. Today only 109 “khruschovkas” are preserved in Moscow. And in 2016 government plan to demolish about one hundred of Soviet dwellings. Soviet buildings are replaced with new comfortable apartment blocks. So by 2017 there will only several of them left, hurry up to witness the last traces of the Soviet epoch!

  1. 60th Anniversary of “Sputnik-1”

On 4th of October of 1957 there was a great breakthrough – “Sputnik-1” was launched into space. It became the first artificial satellite on the planet! The hard work was led by a Soviet rocket engineer Sergei Korolyov and his team: Mstislav Keldysh, Michael Tikhonravov, Gleb Maksimov, etc. This day is considered the beginning of the world’s cosmonautics.

In Russia October 4th is celebrated as the Day of the Space Forces of Russia.

  1. 50th Anniversary of Ostankinskaya TV Tower

On 4th of November, 1967 the construction of the Ostankinskaya TV Tower was completed. It holds the title of the tallest building in Europe – 540.1 meters high.  At the time when construction was finished it was the tallest building in the world. Now the tower transmits signals of more than 20 TV channels and multiplexes, and the same number of radio stations. In addition, it has a concert hall of 750 seats and two observation platforms.

The observation deck is located at an altitude of 337 m. The chief designer of the tower was a Soviet construction engineer Nikolai Nikitin. He was inspired by a lily flower, which was turned upside down and became the prototype of the tower.

things to do in Moscow 2017

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