Popular Russian Models Living Abroad

Russian ladies are arguably the most beautiful in the world. Many of them go into modeling business and have  huge success there. Some of them even move abroad to pursue their model career.

Here are Top 10 Popular Russian models living abroad.


10. Natasha Poly

Instagram – natashapoly, 951.78 K

Born in Perm, Russia.

Natasha Poly
Photo by Hollywood.com


Currently, Natalia Poly is one of the most popular models in the world. After graduating from high school, 18-year-old Natasha signed a contract with a modeling Agency Women Management.

Since her breakout year in 2004, Poly has appeared in many advertisement campaigns, including Gucci, Prada, Versace, Lanvin, Calvin Klein Jeans, Dante Herró, Givenchy, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors,

In 2011, another example of recognition of Natasha Paulie was Karl Lagerfeld’s proposal to act as a model for the Pirelli calendar.

Currently, the lovers Natalia Poly and Dutch businessman Peter Bakker are married and live together in a luxury apartment in New York.


9. Vlada Roslyakova

Instagram – vladaroslyakova, 70.45 K

Born in Omsk, Russia

Vlada Roslyakova
Photo by Peopletalk.ru


Vlada Roslyakova is one of the best Russian supermodels, conquered the world with its simple and unobtrusive character. Due to her ideal figure and responsible attitude to work, she has become a favorite of many famous designers and fashion gloss editors.

Vlada became popular after the preparatory lectures of the University there she met the girl who advised her to go into the modeling business. Vlada made some attempts and no wonder that six months later Roslyakova went to work in Tokyo.

In a few months in Japan, she managed to turn into a world-famous model. Then she probably worked for all the most prestigious brands in the world. After shootings for Dolce & Gabbana they even named the bag model after her. French Vogue included her in the top 30 models of the 2000s.

Now the girl lives in New York, but her husband is still in her hometown and they meet as much as they can.


8. Daria Strokous

Instagram – dariastrokous, 132.14 K

Born in Moscow, Russia

Daria Strokous


In 17 Daria was noticed by one of the famous modeling agencies. In July 2007, she participated for the first time in Milan and Paris fashion weeks. “V Magazine” included her in their Top 10 in 2008.

Daria is alike in appearance with actress Uma Thurman. She said: “Since eleven years I only hear: Uma Thurman, Uma Thurman. But I’m not offended. In fourteen I freaked out, but now I don’t care.»

However, the real breakthrough in the model career of Strokous happened in 2010. She took part in Christian Dior Haute Couture, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Versace shows for the first time. In the same year Daria participated in advertising campaigns: D&G spring-summer 2010; Juicy Couture , Prada, Prada Men autumn-winter 2010.

In spring 2017, it became known about Daria’s relationship with the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. Currently, Daria Strokous lives in New York, Manhattan.


7. Sasha Pivovarova

Instagram – sasha_pivovarova, 316.17 K

Born in Moscow, Russia

Sasha Pivovarova
Photo by www.anneofcarversville.com

The only model that participated in the Prada advertising campaign for six seasons without a gap. Sasha Pivovarova is called “model-alien“, as she has a non-standard face: triangular with almond-shaped eyes, high forehead and high protruding cheekbones.

As Sasha commented she did not think to become a model, after school she entered the Russian state University for the Humanities at the faculty of art history. She was noticed by photographer Igor Vishnyakov and offered to do a photo shoot, the girl agreed. Vishnyakov sent a photo of Sasha to a modeling Agency in the United States and Sasha was immediately offered a contract, because she had really unforgettable appearance. Later Sasha Pivovarova and Igor Vishnyakov got married.

In her 20s she became a star, worked with such companies as Gucci, Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Givenchi, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana. Surprisingly that Sasha never planned to become a model, her debut at Milan fashion week shocked many attendees.

Sasha continues her successful career as a model living in New York.


6. Anne V

Instagram – annev, 478.87 K

Born in Nizhny Novgorod, Soviet Union

Anne V
Photo by Models.com


The legendary Russian supermodel, who conquered the world’s best designers and publishers, as well as other figures of the fashion industry. The girl nicknamed “the Russian Princess“, and all because of its natural and a bit naive freckled little face and sincere smile.

She started her modeling career at the age of 15. Like many supermodels worldwide, her career began with a chance meeting. In 2001 she went to St. Petersburg, where she was noticed by an employee of the popular Agency IMG Models.

Unlike other russian models, Anna’s way to the top of the modeling business was instant. Just a month after the conclusion of the contract with the modeling Agency, the girl performed at her first show, which took place in the week of pret-a-porter in Paris.

Even more popular Anna became in 2002, after she signed a two-year contract with Chanel. She was the new face of the legendary perfume Chanel Chance and made a stunning photo that graced the advertising campaign of this line.

In 2014, Anna Vyalitsyna met the Vice President of Yahoo! Adam Kahan, in June 2015 the couple had a daughter Alaska Kahan. Currently they happily live in San Francisco.


5. Kristina Pimenova

Instagram – kristinapimenova, 2,4 m

Born in Moscow, Russia

Kristina Pimenova
Photo by media-democracy.net

Here is an extraordinary one! While many russian models just dreamed about it in their early childhood, Kristina already has it all.

At the age of 9, the charming Moscow girl was unanimously recognized by the world media as the most beautiful girl in the world. When she was 10 Christina signed a contract with LA Models modeling Agency and moved to Los Angeles. Now Kristina is 13.

She is in high demand model and regularly works for brands such as Guess, Ralph Lauren, Gap and others.

Last year Kristina made her debut as an actress and took part in the filming of the movie “The Russian Bride” by American Director Michael C. Ojeda.

Apart from shooting for magazines and attempts to conquer the big movie, Kristina keeps the life of an ordinary American teenager – goes to school, to the beach and posts selfies in Instagram, where her page is subscribed to 2.1 million users.


4. Ekaterina Damankova

Instagram – katsia_d, 79,4 K

Born in Minsk, Soviet Union

Ekaterina Damankova
Photo by kinopoisk.ru


Ekaterina Damankova is a living example of Cinderella. The girl who lived in an ordinary average family achieved great success in the modeling field, defiled in Victoria’s Secret show and married a millionaire.

After her photo appeared in the advertising campaign of the local mobile operator, Ekaterina decided to continue modeling business. At the age of 15, she moved to England and signed a contract with a prestigious Agency.

In 2006, she went to New York to take part in the competition “Supermodel of the world”. Fortunately, she managed to win and leave with a prestigious title. After this success, her popularity has increased significantly.

The girl was lucky enough to sign a contract with a fashion Agency “Ford” and stay to live and work in New York.


3. Kate Grigorieva

Instagram – _kate_g_ , 432.73 K

Born in Olenegorsk, Russia 

Kate Grigorieva
Photo by suitecarolinemanagement.com

Katya Grigorieva is incredibly beautiful Russian model. In a very short time she achieved the impressive top in the modeling business.

She became known after participating in the contest “Miss Russia 2012” (entered the top ten finalists) and in the reality show “Russian Top model” (took second place).

It is worth mentioning that the girl is the first and so far the only model from Russia who became an angel of the most famous underwear brand Victoria Secret. Almost immediately after showing the photo of the model appears on the cover of the world-famous gloss Vogue.

She currently lives in New York.


2. Milla Jovovich

Instagram – millajovovich, 2.78 M

Born in Kiev, Soviet Union

Milla Jovovich
Photo by buvaukine.lt

Undoubtedly the most popular of all is Mila.

She started modeling in childhood and now she’s already 43 known as famous actress, model and musician. Milla begins modeling attempts being 9 years old and two years later works hard as model. Milla signed the first contract when she was 12 years old, and she began to appear in commercials of Revlon, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, earning 3 thousand dollars per day.

For many years she has represented the products of the best brands houses of fashion and perfumery and continues to be an exclusive model for L’oreal.

On the wave of success in fashion Jovovich made her debut in movies. Milla Jovovich remains popular Hollywood actress.

Many fans of the actress are especially waiting for the famous film “Hellboy: the Revival of the bloody Queen” in 2019.

Jovovich resides in homes in Los Angeles and New York with her husband, film writer and director Paul Anderson, whom she married on August 22, 2009.


1. Irina Shayk

Instagram – irinashayk, 11.79 M

Born in Yemanzhelinsk, Russia

Irina Shayk
Photo by Hello Magazine

Irina Shayk is like another fairy tale about Cinderella.

A girl from the 30-thousandth town, which is fifty kilometers from Chelyabinsk, conquers the podiums of Paris and New York, and in addition the heart of the richest football player in the world.

We, Russian women love to work,” explains Irina Shayk the story of her success. At school, she was teased for her dark skin and plump lips, and who would have thought that these qualities would attract her future employers.

In 2005 she firstly appears on the podium and the cover, and in 2007 Ira has signed the main contract with the underwear brand Intimissimi.

Oddly enough, but in Russia the name of Irina Shayk was almost unknown until 2010, when the Portuguese footballer and heartbreaker Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he was dating with the Russian model. They met on the shoot of advertising Emporio Armani.

Lovestory with an athlete significantly enhanced Irina’s popularity, contracts and as a consequence rumors about her life.

Shake and famous actor Bradley Cooper began dating in the spring of 2015, at the end of 2015 Irina and Bradley decided to find a place to live and moved to a penthouse for $6 million in a prestigious area of New York’s West village.

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