Photos of Moscow in Spring

May in Moscow is a bliss. Apart from all cool events and river cruise Moscow spring is simply so beautiful! Our guest photographer Kathrin shares with us the beauty of Russian spring.

Here are 14 inspirational photos from our Moscow in spring photo tour.

Moscow in Spring


Moscow in spring

Floral metamorphosis. try to find a little owl in phloxes

Kate, tell us about yourself. What makes you a fun protographer? 

My style is natural beauty of planet.

I like handmade. Have a lots of things decorated by my own, such as unusual furniture in my house. I paint flowers. 

Also I like to sing. I’m a good singer, you know. Of course I adore karaoke with friends.

So, if you hear the beautiful voice – no doubt, that’s mine )))

moscow local life

Close to nature


What do you like to shoot?

Architecture, buildings, Moscow river views, sunsets, churches, monuments.

tours by locals moscow

Svyato-Pokrovsky Stavropegial convent


rostov veliky russia tour

White stone Kremlin of Rostov The Great

moscow cathedral

Peacefulness in St. Nicolas Perervinskiy monastery, Iver cathedral, Moscow

Your favorite shot? 

Frankly speaking, I don’t have my favorite shot. But if you see my photo gallery in instagram you will easily notice my love for details, moments and spirit of nature. 

morning in moscow

Spring in Moscow

Your best photo shoot in Moscow?

My best photoshooting was last autumn. It was adorable time of the real gold autumn. I went for a walk to the park Lublino near my house and I can say that I’ve never seen such colors before in nature. Here is one of my favorite gold autumn shots.

It was incredibly beautiful October 2014.

moscow in autumn

Incredibly beautiful October 2014

A website and/or blog you visit often? 

I’m a branding and advertisement girl, so one of my favourite sites is

Which five words would your friends use to describe you?

Open-mined, friendly, cheerful, interesting, smart.

What are TOP 3 places you would like to visit in life? Why?

I like Europe and can’t leave without the Mediterranean sea.

So 3 top places are: Portugal, Canary Islands and Crete.
I adore Spanish and Portugal language and people. And as for Crete- it’s just a nature paradise in the sea.

moscow flowers

Spring in Moscow. Beautiful nature photoshoot

Why do you like Moscow/Saint Petersburg, Russia?

I like my native city very much, because it has a rich history, beautiful architecture. Also I adore my motherland cause I was born here in Moscow.

As for St. Petersburg, it’s a romantic city with a very heroic history.

postcard moscow

Autumn elegy, Moscow, The Cathedral of Christ The Savior

 What was the latest event you visited?

I like to visit exhibitions, biennales and bazaars. The last event that I visited was the handmade design market-bazaar in the hip place “Artplay” in Moscow.

moscow in may

Spring in Moscow. Hello, May!

hello may!

Moscow Postcards


Spring in Moscow

Spring in Moscow

What has been the most memorable travel in your life? Why?

The most memorable travel was my last summer trip to the Russian city Murom, which is a city of Golden Ring

The matter is that I was waiting for this trip for 5 years. I wanted to visit this city on the 8th of July – it’s the city holiday: day of Saints Peter and Fevronia of Muromalso known as Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness. For 5 years I was planning the trip but had no opportunity to visit the city on this day, and finally I did it last summer! It was an amazing trip. The weather was beautiful, the city was incredibly friendly. The river Oka was so clear and wide. Even the food was very-very tasty. This trip has exceeded all my expectations.

Sergiev posad town, Golden Ring tour

he Holy Trinity Lavra of St.Sergius, Cathedral of the Assumption, Sergiev Posad

And the last question, if you had one wish… 

If I had one wish-it would be “PEACE!”

Beautiful Moscow

May in Moscow

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