15 Facts about Lubyanka District

interesting facts about Moscow

Architecture in Moscow city center

For Muscovites the word “Lubyanka” is a synonymous with executions, violence and torture. Home first to the Soviet and then the Russian security agencies, in the 20th century. … Read more

Russian big names living in US

famous Russians in US

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The history of migration from Russia to the USA begins in 1700s from Russian fur traders. The reasons to leave Russia were different: to enjoy new taste of freedom and start a new life in the land of opportunity, to escape the famine, disease and dire poverty, in 1900s – to escape the revolution, social chaos and politician persecution.Read more

Where to eat Kosher food in Moscow?

kosher food in Moscow

Kosher cafe in Moscow

Jewish community is rather developed in Moscow. There are many places connected with Jewish culture such as Jewish museum and tolerance center, Jewish cultural center named after R.Goldman, Moscow Jewish Community Center, educational organizations, language schools, synagogues, and a plenty of amazing restaurants with kosher food.Read more

Who’s a Real Petersburger?

Saint-Petersburg tours

Our guide Alina in front of Hermitage

If you have nothing to do during chilly night, try to google ”typical petersburger”. What will you find? Nothing apropriate actually – tonnes of articles with phrases like ”every night at theatre”, ”Hermitage-lover”, ”korushka”, ”grumpy”, ”polite”, ”shy”, ”grey”, ”poor clothes”, ”a book of Pushkin in the backpack”, ”obsessed with Russian literature” etc.Read more

Time machine: back in USSR

Soviet Moscow tour

Soviet motifs in Moscow metro

Moscow was the capital of former USSR and that is why nowadays it still brilliantly keeps the atmosphere of Soviet times, like no other city in Russia.Read more

Top Moscow’s gardens

Moscow parks

Amazing greenery in Moscow park

Architectural landmarks, works by the best landscape designers, sports and children’s playgrounds, beautiful fountains, mysterious grottos and greenhouses – Moscow gardens hold plenty of tourist attractions to fit every taste – the most difficult part is to choose!Read more

“Little Italy” within Moscow

Italian places in Moscow

Our guests in front of Bolshoi Theatre

Moscow is a fantastic blend of history, nations, languages and cultures. And Italy definitely made its contribution. Starting from architects that flooded the Russian capital centuries ago, Moscow’s love affair with Italy is stronger than you can imagine, from pizzerias to Italian wine shops, from cathedrals to shopping centers.Read more

Let’s get acquainted – Lenin!

who is Lenin

Soviet poster with Lenin’s quote

When you come to Russia, you will probably notice, how often the name of Lenin is used here. Almost every city has Lenin street or Lenin Avenue, somewhere there are universities, libraries, cultural centers of the name of Lenin.Read more

A night out: Paris!

night life in Paris

Night club in Paris. Photo by Josh Sorenson

Paris is the city of the world famous night clubs concentration. We would say that it is the capital of the European night life, where everybody can find a variety of places with different concepts, music and atmosphere.… Read more

St. Basil’s cathedral: Q&A

Saint Basil Cathedral

St.Basil Cathedral. Photo by Le Blog Voyage Chapka

We are absolutely sure that if you ever think of Moscow, one of the tons of associations will be Saint Basil’s cathedral. Here are the most popular questions, which could come to your mind!… Read more

Milan in 1 day? Why not!

things to do in Milan

Milan Cathedral

Milan has always been one of the best cities in Italy. At the same time, it is the business center with crazy city rhythm and one of the most attractive touristy places where everyone can find something what fits his interests – shopping, sightseeing, museums, concerts, restaurants.… Read more