Amazing Places for Vacation in Russia

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We have collected 5 amazing places for vacation in Russia that are devilishly gorgeous!

Be ready for a one in a lifetime experience seeing the gems of Russia and Siberia: Altai Mountains, Lena Pillars Nature Park, Baikal Lake, Swallow’s Nest Castle and ancient Kizhi city.… Read more

Top Facts about Old Moscow Streets

Our Friendly Local Guide on Tverskaya street

There are more than 3,500 streets, lanes and highways in Moscow. But what is the oldest street? The longest? The most beautiful?

Moscow streets are among the most beautiful not only in Russia, but in Europe!… Read more

5 Famous Moscow Ghosts

Fun Facts: Ghosts of Moscow. Carriage

The legendary Moscow ghosts: Cat Behemoth from Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, a charming lady, a luxurious limousine… 

Moscow is not only history, Kremlin, vodka and cute matryoshka dolls. There’s a lot of intrigue and mystery on every corner.  … Read more

11 Best Coffee Shops in Moscow

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Double B Coffee&Tea.

Where is the most invigorating coffee in Moscow, the most airy pastry? What place is a mecca for coffee tourists? What coffee do locals drink? We selected 11 best coffee shops in Moscow that we take out tourists to on our tours in Moscow.… Read more

Moscow Mayors

Moscow has always been the historic capital: of the Grand Moscow principality, of Russian kingdom, of Russian empire, of the Soviet Union and, finally, of Russia. Since when was Moscow the capital?

Read more

Off The Beaten Path in Moscow – Ekaterininsky Park

Things to do. Ekaterininsky park.

Want to do off the beaten path in Moscow?  How about all-in-one entertainment: dance salsa, row a boat in a pond with funny red ducks, explore ancient Russia in the Chapel, admire the architectural monuments, feel the atmosphere of Soviet past and dream about big near the sculpture “To the stars”?… Read more

The Kremlin Towers in Moscow

Fun Facts. Kremlin Towers. View on Kremlin from Moskvoretskiy Bridge

The Kremlin towers are a great reminder of the origins of the Kremlin. Here are fun facts about the Kremlin towers from Kremlin tour in Moscow: let’s see what are the best preserved towers, the patrol tower, the youngest, the smallest, the highest, the most powerful, the tower with the Kremlin Clock.… Read more