Moscow Kremlin Guide

Moscow Tours. Kremlin Tour. Kremlin is the official residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Kremlin can be compared to Hermitage in St Petersburg, which would still not be that popular on a St Petersburg city tour as Kremlin in Moscow.
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Moscow Mayors

Moscow has always been the historic capital: of the Grand Moscow principality, of Russian kingdom, of Russian empire, of the Soviet Union and finally of Russia. Who made Moscow a Hero City? 

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Things to do in Ekaterininsky Park

Things to do. Ekaterininsky park.

All-in-one entertainment: dance salsa, row a boat in a pond with funny red ducks, explore ancient Russia in the Chapel, admire the architectural monuments, feel the atmosphere of Soviet past and dream about big near the sculpture “To the stars”.… Read more

The Kremlin Towers in Moscow

Fun Facts. Kremlin Towers. View on Kremlin from Moskvoretskiy Bridge

The Kremlin towers are a great reminder of the origins of the Kremlin.
Here are Top facts about the Kremlin towers from Kremlin tour in Moscow: let’s see what are the best preserved towers, the patrol tower, the youngest, the smallest, the highest, the most powerful, the tower with the Kremlin Clock.… Read more

Top 20 facts about Russian cities

Facts about Russia. Russian cities. Top 20 facts

There are almost 1100 cities in Russia. The oldest town in Russia is Derbent. It is called one of the oldest cities in the world, being about 5000 years old.
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