Moscow vs Los Angeles

The gap between Moscow and Los Angeles is almost 10’000 kilometers and we definitely can say they are on the opposite parts of our planet. Both cities are among the most important on the continents, will we find other similarities or that’s it? Let’s compare them… Moscow vs. Los Angeles.





The hottest season in both cities is from June to August. Everybody knows that if you want to experience extreme weather – come to Moscow. And you’ll enjoy (if you can) raining, snowing, drizzling, frost, demi season changes, hot summer in other words everything! LA is not so cruel, the lowest temperature here is about 10° C, but sometimes the ocean brings rains and winds for a week. Actually Los Angeles offers one of the most comfortable environments with it’s average 284 sunny days per year in comparison with Moscow’s 60 sunny days… Well, may be career or culture life can compensate it? Let’s discover more.

Weather in Los Angeles

Climate in Los Angeles


Both in Moscow and Los Angeles jobs are diverse. There are huge downtowns and lots of entertainment so that everyone can find a career path. But there is a critical difference.

In Moscow you can literally get a job promptly, job offers exceeds the demand, which is why labor migrants come to the city from abroad and from other regions of Russia. So you’ll find a slot anyway.

LA on the other hand is a very competitve city for starting a career. Finding job is all about connections in addition with strong skills and achievemnts you can proof. So you better become the industry expert in any other city and when appear in LA finding useful acquaintances and at last someone hires you (probably lol).

Moreover in the city of stars opportunities in entertainment and cinema industries overweight anything else, so if you want to work as a bankman you better go to New York. Indeed it’s not so easy to become a famous star in LA, firstly anyone goes through a tough path starting from street performance and waiters waiting for a lucky day when they finally called by the casting team.



May be here we will find the least difference according to the fact that both cities have a very large areas and famous for their traffic jams at rush hours.

LA’s advantage is the closeness of exits on the freeways that makes alternative routes more available. But a car will save your time anyway because the metro exits are so few and far between.

On the contrary Moscow’s public traffic system with it’s rapidly growing metro map increasingly minimizes your journeys duration.

The fun fact is that in LA smoking while driving is prohibited but in Moscow almost every fifth driver smokes to bear the endless car jams.



Los Angeles is famous for its laid back feel and it’s not even close to most US cities. People live their luxurious glamorous and chil life so even career competition and traffic jams don’t spoil that living. Parties, swimming pools and beaches, best restaurants and entertainment… there is no way you can miss them here. Lots of music videos released in LA show their lifestyle and seduce to join them.

Speaking about Moscow life from the inside it’s all about earning money and becoming as much successful as you can. Surely there are circles of bohemians who already have it all and just enjoying life but indeed they are just a little part.

Mostly Moscow citizens do their best to earn a beautiful life. The truth here is that in the city rush they forget to enjoy it at all. Entertainment as well offers everything but it’s not so widespread as in LA.


Los Angeles style

Lifestyle in Los Angeles


First of all a good look plays a huge role in both cities. Meanwhile in the city of stars your look should be outstandingly perfect otherwise you won’t fit it. In addition according to warm weather all year long the first attention comes to a body, so that’s why everyone is slim, tanned, tatted, and toned. People look like they just walked out of a personal Instagram with 150K followers and mostly it’s really so by the way.

And what about Moscow? Did you know that nowadays in Moscow there are more than 12 million people compared to LA’s 4 million… You just can’t expect all of them look great as a tendency, migrants and poor people just can’t afford that and they are everywhere. But if we walk out to central streets we will see the best. Fashion and clothing style are on the first place here. Finally, russian ladies are still supposed to be the most beautiful in the world and Moscow definetly proof that.



To begin with here are just some important dates – Moscow was established in 1147 and more than 600 years later in 1781 americans started building Los Angeles.

This huge gap is obvious, central Moscow has many historical buildings, churches and monuments of every size. Many people enjoy it and come to see them.

Due to the fact that they strictly planned the LA’s map before building, the city is characterized by a low density of arrangement — the bulk of the population lives in private homes and villas. Moreover there is no city center there, it consists of various regions all famous and worth seeing.

And now get ready… even that Los Angeles much younger than Moscow, it’s downtown is older than Moscow’s for about 50 years! So we definitely can say that Los Angeles is a monument of modern architecture.


Architecture in Moscow

Moscow’s Architecture


All we can say is that Los Angeles is definitely a winner, because called The capital of entertainment. It has countless bars, restaurants, music halls, shopping streets, cinemas etc. Bonuses like world’s famous Santa Monica and Malibu beaches, Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland are attached.

Moscow can’t entertain its visitors so well unfortunately, but actually it’s historical tours, shopping centers, many restaurants are growing rapidly today, and you won’t be boring if you like culture.



Visiting Moscow can blow your mind when you look at its cultural life. There are dozens of theaters, art, historical and military museums, famous buildings of historical figures, a number of classical musical performances.

By the way, you cannot leave Moscow without visiting a ballet dance performance, because it was developing here more than 300 years ago. In Moscow, there are no large ocean beaches, but you will be surprised by the Golden ring – the main and most popular tourist route through the provincial cities located near the Russian capital. They’re all historical, very picturesque and full of monuments and churches protected by UNESCO.

The most important cultural sector in Los Angeles is surely filmmaking and TV. All movie stars and studios are here. Moreover Oscar ceremonies and many other film festivals are conducted in LA. Many modern musicians and groups like Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana del Rey, Linkin Park, Justin Bieber started their path here and pre booking tickets you can enjoy their perfomances here.

And the last but not least is LA’s modern art which is everywhere. The most important of all are monumental art and graffiti in every block.



Moscow from the top


Los Angeles is among places there healthy food trends are born. Everybody needs to keep perfect fit, so they prefer organic food and drinks. People love their avocados, eggs, and kale. Not a bad thing. LA also has great wine and beer produced locally in Southern California.

The Moscow’s restaurants are very diverse. You’ll find Soviet-themed canteens, glamorous upmarket establishments, and family-owned eateries alike. The worldwide famous Russian cuisine attracts tourists with its exotic tastes: trying dumplings, Borshch and crepes is obligatory.



The last but not least difference is the way people behave on the streets. Russians hospitality is hidden, if they know you well, they will host you like a relative. But the reality is that on the streets you can feel invisible sometimes. Because they usually don’t look in the eyes and don’t talk to you without any reason it’s considered unnecessary here.

On the contrary walking in LA is quite familiar with walking in your hometown, people always have something nice to say so you feel like a real neighbor. Actually this is what all Americans do and we love them for it.


In short terms, the observed cities are totally different. So if you want to say “I saw everything”, just visit them both.

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