Interesting facts about Kremlin and Red Square

Funny fact: Red Square is annually visited by about 20 million tourists, while Moscow Kremlin attracts only about 2 million people. People visit Kremlin 10 times less! Why? Find In Facts about Kremlin.

Are people scared to get into Kremlin?

Check our happy moments and fun facts from our Kremlin Tour, #1 tour among tourists in Moscow.

Fun facts from our Red Square and Kremlin Tours


Moscow Kremlin covers an area of ​​277 sq.m. In the center is the main Cathedral Square, which has preserved a unique architectural ensemble of the Middle Ages: the Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation Cathedrals, Armory, Tsarina’s Golden Chamber, the Church of the Terem Palace and Church of the Deposition of the Robe, the Patriarch’s Palace and the Twelve Apostles, Ivan the Great Bell, Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon.

The date of foundation of the museum is considered to be 10 March 1806. On this day, the Emperor Alexander I signed a decree, converting the royal storehouses and workshops in the museum. In October 1991, the museum received the status of the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve “The Moscow Kremlin” and was included in the list of the most valuable national heritage sites.

The cost of visiting the architectural ensemble of Cathedral Square , including Kremlin museums, cathedrals and the Patriarch’s Palace, is  350 rubles. A visit to the Armory will cost 700 rubles.

Beautiful Moscow views

Moscow Tours: Red Square and Kremlin Tour

Tsar Bell

The bell is currently the largest bell in the world, weighing 201,924 kilograms (445,166 lb), with a height of 6.14 metres (20.1 ft) and diameter of 6.6 metres (22 ft), and thickness of up to 61 centimetres (24 in). The broken piece weighs 11,500 kilograms (25,400 lb) Our tourists trying to pick up a souvenir – a piece of Tsar Bell in Kremlin. :))

Happy tourists in Moscow Kremlin

Tsar Bell. On our Kremlin Tour

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

was built to celebrate Ivan the Great’s victories back in 1550-ies. Poor architect was blinded to never build anything like that anymore. He took his revenge though, and built a similar cathedral in the city of Vladimir, about 200 km from Moscow. Our friendly local guide with tourists on Red Square & Kremlin tour.

Very cold, but very exciting!!! 

Moscow in February

Our private guide on Red Square and Kremlin tour

Shaking hands with Putin

They say Putin’s granddad was a personal Lenin’s chef and even cooked couple of times for Stalin. As for Putin’s culinary life, he prefers French cuisine…

Photo tour with our tourists  shaking hands with pseudo Mr. Putin. on Red Square ;)

Shaking hands with Putin at Kremlin

Our tourists with pseudo “Mr.Putin” on Red Square on our Kremlin Tour


What is in your bucket list when in Moscow? 

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