Must See Tour in Moscow

How much time do you need to see Moscow? Weeks! How many hours a day you need to do sightseeing tour in Moscow? At least 8!

Here are some beautiful moments from our recent 8-hour Must See tour.

10-hour Moscow Tour

Friendly Local Guides

Friendly Local Guides on Kremlin Tour

Okay, let`s begin!

My tourists were 4 awesome guys from Saudi Arabia, BIG fun lovers!

Saudi Arabian tourists in Moscow

Moscow private tour with Saudi Arabia tourists

The tour started at 10:00 am and, although it was freezing outside, everyone was ready to be a rock star and hit the Moscow attractions, which are like..what.. hundreds? :)

Moscow in spring

Moscow walking tour in historical downtown

Highlights of our Moscow tour

We started with Metropol hotel. A top-notch luxurious hotel, that was the first in Russia that could boast hot-and-cold running water, elevators and telephones.

We then moved to Kitai-Gorod (China Town). By the way, China Town… Why is it called China Town? Any suggestions? Some people say because of Chinese people living there! Haha.. Noo, certainly not! You’ll find out on the tour! ;)

Then, of course, Red Square with it`s awesome panoramic view of Kazan Cathedral, Saint Basil`s Cathedral, The GUM, the State Historical Museum, The Mausoleum and The Kremlin itself!

What my tourists enjoyed most was the inside view of Saint Basil`s Cathedral. Can you imagine that every centimeter is covered with ancient murals and mosaic!

Saint Basil`s Cathedral was the tallest building in Moscow until 1600, when Ivan the Great Bell Tower was built. Any ideas how tall it was? :)

Friendly Local Guides Moscow

Red Square and the Kremlin , State Historical Museum

After Red Square we found ourselves in the amazing Alexander Garden. Generally speaking, the area is … a river! Which was channeled into an undergound pipe though to lay out this beautiful garden. Guess in whose honor? :)

Tour is not the tour without The Kremlin! You know, that russians do like all stuff with “the …”. The biggest, the tallest, the smallest, etc. There is a great amount of the symbols of this passion throughout Russia, and the Kremlin itself has two of them. The Tsar Bell and The Tsar Canon. Of course, we didn`t forget to take some funny photos on our tour! :D

What is Moscow Kremlin

Pride of Russia – Tsar Bell

The Armory! As I call it the gem of the Kremlin. I would certainly recommend you to visit it bacause it is the treasury of Russian royalty. My tourists were impressed by a vast variety of exhibits, among which were the carriages and dresses of the XVIII century! Girls, welcome! :D

Russian restaurant with traditional local cuisine

Traditional food in the Korchma Taras Bulba Ukranian restaurant

It is some kind of a tradition to have lunch at the Ukranian restaurant “Korchma Taras Bulba”. It is a very nice place, which is decorated in a national style. There you will be proposed to drink one glass of cranberry tincture for the road. I told you, it`s a traditional place! Welcome to Russia! :))

The last sightseeing of our tour was the Victory Park, which celebrates 20 years anniversary of completion this year, by the way. We love big dates, big events and holidays. If you share our passion, check Russian holidays in 2015.

Moscow private guide

Moscow city tour with Saudi Arabian tourists

It was a fantastic day for all of us! Dear Mo, Abdullah, Mr Abdulaziz and Mr Malik, thank you so much for this day! Thank you for exciting emotions I got during the tour! You are awesome! Wish to see you here soon!

PS: The photos and the reviews of the tour are posted only with your approval.

When are you coming to Moscow? What is in your bucket list? 

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