Ice skating Rinks in Moscow

The winter is on its way and today we`d like to draw your attention to the world’s largest ice skating rink in Moscow.

So, let`s see what is waiting for us in the upcoming winter season in Moscow city!

Skating in Moscow

1. Ice rink at All-Russia Exhibition Center

The total area of the rink at V.V.C. and its infrastructure is 57 300 square meters, with the area of ice cover of 20,510 square meters, 1310 square meters larger than the area of the previous years record holder, FlevOnice rink in the Netherlands (19 200 sq. M).

Wide ice track, fantastic lighting, hockey box, playground, Alley lovers, Extreme Park, scene, convenient infrastructure with spacious locker rooms and ice skate rentals – all the main rink in Moscow at the Exhibition Center! November 28 All-Russia Exhibition Centre – A unique technical and artistic ice performance.

The outlines of the main rink in Moscow at the Exhibition Center follows the shape of the fabulous golden key. To create a true masterpiece of the art of ice, it took 3,000 tons of sand, 4,100 cubic meters of water, more than 1,500 cubic meters of timber, 25,000 square meters of plastic film and 2,078 square meters of rubber coating.

2. Wow Katok

Gorky Park, one of the biggest skating rings in Moscow – 18,000 square meters – will be decorated in the style of pop art! One of the main decorations is going to be the installation of a giant cue with 3D-projections.

The ice rink provides you with the opportunity to rent skates, to drink hot drinks and mulled wine or relaxing a bit in a cozy restaurant.

Gorky park is a hit on all our tours in Moscow, so make sure you don’t skip it!

Fee: 200 – 500 rubles.

The ice rink opens on November 14 at 19:00.

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3. Artificial Ice rink “Ice” and natural ice rink “Giant” at Sokolniki Park

The Ice
The area of the ice rink “Ice” will be around 5,500 square meters.  It will be decorated with illuminated pylons from France. “It’s such a small Leaning Tower illuminated. In addition, this year we will highlight roller bumpers “- says the organizer of the ice rinks at ” Sokolniki”.

Fee: 250 – 350 rubles for 2 hours

The ice rink opens on the 15th of November

“The Giant” is going to be opened in December, depending on weather conditions. The area is going to be around 17,000 square meters! In addition, you can rent a winter bike there!

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4. Free ice rink in the Moscow  Zoo

This winter on the old site of the Moscow Zoo a natural skating rink is going to be opened.

It will be located near the circle of riding ponies.

Fee: free

The launch date of the rink is not yet known – everything will depend on the weather in Moscow.

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5. GUM ice rink

The skating area of 3,000 square meters will be able to host approximately 400 guests at once. Experince skating in the very heart of Moscow – the Red Square!

Fee: 200+ roubles

The Gum Katok (Gum Ice rink) starts operating on November, 30.

In total, there are going to be 23 ice rinks this winter in Moscow! Enjoy!

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Ready for some skating in Moscow? ;)

By the way, we skate on our St Petersburg guided tours too!

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