All about Maslenitsa Week in Moscow

Hey there! Maslenitsa (Russian Mardi Gras) just started in Russia! Let’s talk a bit about Russian traditions for Maslenitsa week.


Russian traditions for Maslenitsa week

Being the yummiest of Russian holidays and one of the oldest Russian traditions, Maslenitsa is a must-do when in Moscow, of course!!!
Those tourists who are visiting Russia this week will be very well surprised by noticing crepes and crepes on every corner of the street. Ready to learn about this tradition more?

Holidays in Russia

Local Fun, Maslenitsa week in Russia.

Well, you know that in early Russian history, Paganism remained the main religion for quite a long time. And Maslenitsa is  one of those holidays, which is still celebrated and loved by Russian people. It denotes the end of winter and coldness, which, you know for sure, stands here in Russia for almost half a year.

Russian traditional food - red caviar

Russian pancakes and crepes on Maslenitsa week, a Russian holiday

The traditional cuisine of Maslenitsa is bliny (crepes).  They are round and golden, which reminds us about the sun, so missed by Russians. It is a tradition to eat crepes every day of the Maslenitsa week.  Your Russian holidays will be very yummy this week!

Each day of Maslenitsa week has its own meaning:

Monday – Greeting

On the first day of Maslenitsa week mothers and fathers-in-law would let their daughters-in-law visit their parents. In the evening they would come and enjoy a big fest, eating crepe with different fillings. The first crepe would be given to poor people.
It is the day when Lady Maslenitsa would be made of straw and old clothes.

How Russian celebrate Mardi Gras

Russian Holidays in winter, Maslenitsa

Tuesday – Matchmaking

On Tuesday it would be matchmaking, so that as the Wedding could be made just after the Lent is over. During that day gentlemen would be invited to the lady`s houses to eat crepes and enjoy sledging.

Wednesday – Dainty

On Wednesday the son-in-law (and other guests) would be invited to eat mother-in-law`s crepes. The mother-in-law would show her love and care for him.

Holidays in Russia

Russian traditions on Maslenitsa week

Thursday – Orgy

It is the day when all the work would stop and celebrations would start widely. The must-do of the day was attack of the ice-house. The idea of the day was to let go of all the negative feelings, gained during the cold winter evenings. People would enjoy horse-riding, ice-skating and horse-riding.

Friday – Mother-in-law evenings

Friday was the day, when son-in-law would show his love and care for his mother-in-law. It was the evening when mother-in-law would attend her daughter`s house and eat her crepes.

Russian traditions

Crepes on Russian holidays

Saturday – Sister-in-law time

It would be the day when young brides would invite sisters and other relatives of their grooms. If sisters are not married, she would invite her not-married-girlfriends, if married – married relatives. The bride would give a very nice present to her sister-in-law.

Sunday, the last day of Maslenitsa before the Great Lent.

Forgiving Sunday had different names, we especially like this one – Tselovalnik (Kisser). This day was the end of fun and games. People would ice slide, make fires to melt the ice, ask for forgiveness, and do merciful things. Everybody asked each other for forgiveness, bowing at his feet, and in response would hear: “God will forgive you and I forgive you.”


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