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What is the best time to visit Moscow? Any time is a good time, right? (Hint: wrong!) May is the best time to visit Moscow and Russia in general.

May will be the grand opening of the summer season in Moscow. Every single day will present us a lot of events and fun. Brace up and prepare for a full day tour in Moscow!

7 fun local activities in May

  • 1. Retro Weekend in Victory Park

May 1, 12.00

Head to Poklonnaya Hill to plunge into a different era: Watch atmospheric films of 50s in the open air, learn to dance boogie-woogie and hustle, see rare photographs in the local exhibition “Games of our childhood”, as well as take part in a bright retro bike ride.

come to Russia in May

Retro Weekend in Victory Park. Photo by

  • 2. The opening of the summer season “Art in the Air” in Gorky Park

May 1-4

A very rich program on May holidays in Gorky Park. Listen to poems by Alexander Pushkin on Pushkin quay, enjoy jazz music on Fountain Square, take free dances classes of Argentine dance, hip-hop, boogie-woogie, hustle.

Don’t miss “Color and Light” installation –  a series of five volumetric flowers that will bloom on the surface of the Pioneer Pond. These floating sculptures are made of wood and neon cords. Flowers spectacularly glow in the night.
Take photos of the most unusual kites in the shape of animals, fish, turbines and even ghosts in “Motley heaven” kite fesival.

The sky above the central alley will turn into an exhibition space with printed portraits of visitors of Gorky Park, made at different times on different events.

when to come to Russia

Art in the Air. Gorky Park. Photo by

  • 3. Opening of fountain season in VDNKh

April 30 – May 1

The summer season in VDNKh opens very solemnly with water fountains streaming into the night sky, and a symphony orchestra performing “Festive Overture in A Major” by Dmitry Shostakovich. The action will turn one of the most beautiful fountains of the city – “Friendship of Peoples”  into a memorable show performed by virtuoso musicians. The show will start on April 30, at 20:00.

Famous Fountain “Stone Flower” will please guests with a special pattern and color backlight. In addition, on May 1 at 20:30 all the fountains of the main exhibition of the country will start working at the same time to earn. The concert will continue until 21:15.

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Friendship of Nations Founrain, VDNKh.

  • 4. Moscow Spring Festival

May 1 – May 11

From 1 to 11 May in the central streets of Moscow you will witness a large-scale festival “Moscow spring”. This year it will be not only about flea markets and fun, but also about special events dedicated to the 70 year anniversary of the Great Victory.
The best products from all over Russia will be performed in trade chalets, as well as products with the symbols of Victory.
“Moscow Spring” will be held at 19 venues, including Kuznetsky Most, Novopushkinsky park, VDNKh.

The easiest way to grasp all the highlights of the downtown festival is though our Bus Tour Moscow.

May is best time to visit Moscow

Spring Festival in Moscow

  • 5. Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Moscow

April 19 – May 16

Walking and bus tours of the city, city quests, musical programs, literary evenings, workshops – these and many other free activities await visitors and residents of Moscow in the framework of the “Cultural Days” to mark the International Museum Day.

Among the main architectural attractions of the capital opening its doors to the visitors are – Mayor’s Office, Grand Kremlin Palace, Petrovsky Palace, Leni’sn Library, Pashkov House, Shechtel Mansion and many others. All museums and exhibition halls, which are administered by the Department of Culture of Moscow, will work for free from 10-00 to 18-00.


Best time to visit Moscow

Tsaritsino Park, Moscow

  • 6. The exhibition “The Tsar’s amusement lights” in Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve

February 28 – May 19

The exhibition will give you an idea of firework shows that were held on the occasion of the coronation of Anna Ivanovna and Catherine II, the Imperial birthdays and celebrations of important dates. And in one of the rooms you can even see the art reconstruction of fireworks in 1775.

Best times to visit Russia

Tsaritsino Park, Moscow

  • 7.  The exhibition “Best of Russia” in Vinzavod Contemporary Art Center

April 1 – May 17

The most large-scale exhibition, created by the best Russian professional and amateur photographers over the last year will open at the Centre for Contemporary Art “Winery”. Take your time and explore all 365 photos that have passed a professional competitive selection.

Best time to visit Russia

Best of Russia photo-exhibition. Photo by


When do you plan to visit Moscow?

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